M.M 24’’ Black 8 Panel Pet Playpen Dog Cage Kennel Crate

$52.88 New Black 8 Panel 24
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To quote a reviewer on Amazon, “The metal bars are not the flimsy type like you see in pet cages, but thick no-nonsense bars with impeccable quality in their golden zinc finish. The playpen has 8 panels that fold in any direction so you can shape the 16 foot long product into a room divider, or snap the ends together with the included golden spring clips to form a rectangle or octagon.”
BestPet 8-Panel Tall Dog Playpen Crate Fence Pet Kennel Play Pen Exercise Cage, 48-Inch, Black
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Perfect Fit Gate Title : Pet Playpen Middle Size x 12 or 24 Panels – 16.6″ x 13.8″ for 1 Panel
Photo provided by FlickrTitle : Pet Playpen ( 8 , 12, 24 Panel )
Photo provided by FlickrNew BestPet Black 40" 8 Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence
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So what is it exactly about the IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen 8 Panel that has dog owners enthusiastically taking the time to leave mostly positive recommendations? Let’s take a look at the advantages and features.Are you looking at some safe and safe environment for your dogs to run around and have fun? Well, you can either construct an enclosure or fence off area or merely acquire a pet playpen. However, there are lots of playpen designs in the market, which would be a good playpen to go for?

Look into this intriguing product, the IRIS USA Indoor Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen. It is a 8-panels assembly playpen that span about 63" across. It has actually hinged gain access to door for easy access and is built with double steel hardware for good protection. The non-skid rubber feet assists to protect the floors. It is simple to assemble and cleaning, terrific playpen for your canines.Eight24hours 36 Tall Dog Playpen Crate Fence Pet Play Pen Exercise Cage 8 Panel Blue ** Be sure to check out this awesome product.(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)Each two panel segment is approximately 26 inches high x 48 inches long x 4 inches wide. The small pet door is approximately 8 inches x 11 inches. This must be closed as a free standing play area to be stable, it is not a gate. It encompasses 34 square feet when closed over 7 feet from end to end. Sorry for the confusion. The IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen 8-Panel has been garnering rave reviews for years since it was first introduced. At first, people loved the usual things—it’s affordable, easy to assemble, spacious, and great-looking. But interestingly. Of note are buyers that returned years later to update their original review to express their delight at how well the pen has lasted.