Meet horses and other farm animals for adoption.

Adoption Fees are determined for each animal individually, the ranges are as follows:
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*Due to the amount of time it takes to process adoptions & reclaims, Animal Services will stop all adoptions & reclaims at 5:30pm Monday-Friday and 1:30pm on Saturdays
All animals are spay/neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped prior to adoption.
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We also hold animals for a variety of other reasons. Due to the nature of some of these situations, we cannot give out information as to why an animal is not available for adoption. 6. What if I have questions or problems after I adopt an animal from the Shelter?
Photo provided by FlickrHere are all the animals currently available for adoption. If you see one you like, check out .
Photo provided by FlickrWhen viewing our adoptable animals check their location to see if they are in a foster home.
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Animals which have completed their "Stray Hold" time and have been spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated are considered "ready-to-go". Any animal in a "ready-to-go" status can go home with you today. All "ready-to-go" adoptions are $20, unless otherwise noted.Adopt a Guinea Pig
Guinea pigs are gentle, sweet pets who have a docile nature - not to mention are totally adorable! They respond to being handled, fed, and pet, and are also relatively easy to take care of making them a popular and fun pet for families. Guinea pigs thrive in groups and are social animals who love to bond with others! If you've never had a guinea pig before you might wonder what they eat. Grass is the guinea pig's natural diet and it's also good for them to feed on fresh grass hay (called timothy hay) as well as food pellets. Guinea pigs also require about 25 mg of vitamin C daily, which can be obtained through fresh, raw fruits and vegetables or supplements. Making sure your guinea pig is getting sufficient Vitamin C is key, and there are specific signs to look for in order to tell if your he or she is Vitamin C deficient, .Animals that are beyond their hold period that are still waiting to be provided with veterinary services are available for early adoption, but cannot be released to the adopter until the necessary vaccinations and procedures have been administered. We can’t hold or reserve any animal outside of the early adoption process. Pre-adoption prices do not include the $20 rabies license fee. are available through our new process of making certain dogs available for adoption prior to the stray hold expiring. Not all animals will qualify for Pre-Selection (those with known owners, those with medical and behavioral challenges, and other variables). You will be able to meet with these dogs and if we make a match we will set up an adoption appointment at the end of the stray hold. If an owner comes to reclaim, we will return the dog to it’s family and void that adoption. If no owner comes to reclaim, we will have the animal made ready for adoption and able to have their new family pick up at the earliest date available after the stray hold expires. You can find Pre-Select Animals by going to our , and looking for a PS in the ID field. The status of animals can change daily pending medical exams so if you are interested in an animal you can check back. Only animals identified with a PS are available for the Pre-Select program.At this time, MADACC has both an in-house and foster-based adoption program which focuses on the placement of unclaimed stray animals. We have two ways to adopt animals at MADACC. You must come to MADACC in person to meet adoptable animals! We do not have the resources to give information about adoptable animals over the phone and callers will be instructed to come to the facility.Adopted animals may be returned to the for a refund or exchange within 30 days if the animal has a medical condition that was not disclosed at the time of adoption and the condition is confirmed in a written evaluation by a certified veterinarian.