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There’s also ample confusion among owners about what to feed their pets: Grain free? Organic? Raw meat? There’s no right answer for every animal, said Breuninger, who advised people check with a vet. (Vets, , aren’t generally as hot on low-grain, raw or organic diets as their pet owners are.)
However, if you are looking at this website because you want to know all about the ferret as a pet, you obviously aren’t familiar with them.
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I have 16 year old toothless Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix. He has an absolute trouble eating hard dog food which he always ate before. He is not a fan of canned food. It would sit out and go bad. He would go days without eating. I was in Petco and saw this food for the first time and bought a small one since I wasn’t sure how he would feel about it. HE LOVES IT!! He knows the bag when I come home. Not one problem eating or leaving any food on the plate. He prefers the beef/bison over the chicken or so says my boyfriend. But he eats them both all up.

However, if you are looking at this website because you want to know all about the ferret as a pet, you obviously aren't familiar with them
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The pet food industry has boomed in the past several years and it is getting increasingly difficult to sort through the plethora of options to decide what food may be best for Fido. The good news is that there are a lot of great choices available; the not so good news is that no one food is the perfect fit for everyone. We get asked all the time what food is the best and, unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. If you have a question about the nutritional needs of your pet PLEASE ask your veterinarian!! Their education is far more valuable than the internet or the information the staff at the local pet food store just heard from the most recent visit from a food rep!! Partnering with you, your pet, and the planet to enrich the human and animal bond by providing products that are healthy, ecologically sustainable, and socially responsible. Bark! is locally owned and full of people as passionate about your pets as you are. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you to the best foods, treats and supplements for your animal companion. Pets welcome!At EarthWise Pet, we know your pet is part of your family, so we treat you like family too. Offering all-natural products and friendly advice, we'll help you make informed decisions about the proper diet for your pet. We have healthy choices in treats and toys too. There's also a self-service dog wash for your convenience and professional dog and cat grooming available. Wholesome pet products and dedicated service for happy healthy pets. Come see us! The industry would like to expand label information, but regulators are skeptical. "Labelling is a marketing tool," said Richard Sellers, the chairman of the Association of American Feed Control Officials Pet Food Committe. "You can list everything that's in a can of food and that still won't tell the consumer anything about what the animal will actually digest." For example, an indigestible byproduct of leather like rawhide, which shows up occasionally in some very inexpensive pet foods, is considered a protein. Pet food makers are sometimes frustrated by labelling regulations. They are not allowed to make health claims without satisfying the clinical standards of the F.D.A. But claims about being low-calorie or "light" are legal -- if they are true. And a pet food maker may not claim its food is especially tasty unless, during a complicated set of feeding trials, several animals actually choose its food. Our Rat Terrier/Cattle Dog mix suffered from horrible allergies. She had raw skin on her belly, base of the tail, and elbows. Our vet said it was most likely a corn allergy so we eliminated corn and that helped some but not nearly enough.
Then one day I saw a commercial for Fresh Pet and after reading about it decided to give it a try.
Not only does she love every product Fresh Pet makes but the difference in her was immediate. All of her allergy issues are gone, she is growing fur in places she never had before and last winter she grew a winter coat for the first time. She has way more energy now than she did when she was dealing with her allergies. Everyone that hasn’t seen her for a while can’t get over the transformation in both body and spirit. She is so much more calm and centered now that she is truly healthy. My family and I really can’t thank this company enough and reccomend this food to everyone.