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The Anderson Animal Shelter says the pup received little handling or enrichment in the boarding facility for many months. During a meeting with one potential adopter, Lucy caused a “superficial scratch” on the adopter’s nose, . She was then relinquished to another animal hospital in Indiana, which worked with her on “clicker skills.”
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ANDERSON, Ind. (AP) - Authorities say three Indiana animal neglect cases brought dozens of cats and other animals into their care in Madison County.

The in Anderson reports an anonymous tip Monday led police to a mobile home where officers found three people living with 39 cats, two dogs, three snakes, two guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, a parrot and a tarantula.

Elwood Police say feces was on walls and floors while litter boxes were overflowing. Officials say a woman was trying to care for the animals.

On Tuesday, police were called to a house in Elwood where they found 15 cats, four kittens and six dogs. Many of those animals suffered from severe flea infestation. The third case involved 10 dogs, two cats and a number of birds in Madison County.

Animal Care and Control in Elwood is caring for several of the rescued animals. They are in need of the following donations:

-Canned Cat Food (any brand)
-Dry Cat Food (any brand)
-Cat Litter (scoopable & clumping)
-Cat/Dog Flea Preventative and Flea Shampoo
-Crates (wire & airline)
-Heat Lamps
-Aquariums (all sizes)
-Wood Chip Shavings
-Bird seed, Reptile food/insects, Guinea Pig/Chinchilla food
-Bleach, Pine-sol, Cleaning Supplies
-Trash bags (all sizes)
-Monetary donations for medical expenses. Monetary donations can be sent to: Elwood Clerk Treasurer's Office (attn Elwood Animal Shelter)
1505 South "B" Street, Elwood, IN 46036.

"We are also in need of exotic animal rescues and cat rescues to help with these babies. Until healthy, they will not be available for adoption. IF you can donate, please private message us for pick up OR you can leave donations at the Elwood Animal Shelter ( 511 North 14th Street, Elwood, IN 46036.) Our shelter was completely full before we are busting at the seams. If you are a rescue and can help, please contact us!! We can help with transport!" the shelter posted to its

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