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For those of you who own Animal Plastic racks.
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with that said i would still go with animal plastics but only because i have some of there racks and love them. i have no experience with RBI racks. boaphile is another option for you.
animal plastics rubbermaid 2220 series, 9 slot racks with belly heat, and casters, the rack holds 9 #2220 28qt bins or 18 #2221 12qt bins
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I'd ALWAYS recommend RBI over animal plastics 9or any other) out there, too. Price is a little higher, but quality is a LOT greater. In my eyes, you can pay less elsewhere, but you WILL GET LESS for your money, too. Vision racks are OK if you want a full-sized racks, but the top ventilation holes makes be typically shy away from their use personally! I know a lot of you like Animal Plastics, but do most of you use the Economy Racks or the
Photo provided by Flickri own animal plastics racks and many many melamine racks that i built my self already, but wanted something different, lighter and cheaper.
Photo provided by FlickrFor those of you with Animal Plastics Racks.
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Yes, AP cages and racks are great. I ordered 3 of their racks last year and their customer service is the best. I also heard Boaphile takes a really long time, that's why I tried Animal Plastics. Their Economy rack would work well for ball pythons. It holds 15 or 32 qt tubs that you can buy at target and is 6 shelfs high. I used it for my Leo breeders but sold the leos last year and my friend is using it now for his balls. I think I paid $280 after shipping and buying the tubs.This is just a video on me building an Animal Plastics rack. If you have ever wondered about getting one and putting it together...well here you go. I love these racks and would not hesitate to buy more. Here is the website if you want to check them out.

I just received a shipment of racks from C Serpents and I couldn't be more pleased with them. For the record I am a die hard fan of animal plastics, I figured I would give him a shot mainly due to price and I am glad I did.
DIY anything is not for everyone and there are great options for those who prefer a ready made service and don’t mind paying the higher price tag that comes with that service. You have numerous choices on the net where companies such as Boaphile, Animal Plastics, Proline, Reptile Basics and others will gladly build, sell and ship you a complete rack already assembled and set to use, or in most cases they will require assembly due to shipping and handling. If you are a DIY’er at heart, building your own racks out of XPVC is super easy! No special tools required! If you can screw together piece A to piece B, you can build a rack! DIY eliminates the waiting for delivery and above all, DIY will save you $$!Today we make all our racks using the same material most cage and rack companies use, XPVC. We initially did our homework on the material used on our Boaphile cages called XPVC, along with other Plastics such as HDPE. Both in various thickness from 1/4″ to 1/2″. We decided based on weight, price and usage and we decided that we would go with the 1/2″ XPVC.The Animal Plastic racks come unassembled but are easy to put together if you have a hand drill. You also have to buy the tubs separately. From what I understand, the reptile basic racks come completely assembled with heat and tubs. One other downside about Animal Plastics is that it takes a minimum of a month before you get your rack. The last one I ordered took 6 weeks (the one above), and it's only a 4 shelf tub! However they are very high quality and I'm completely satisfied with them. You won't have to worry about customer service from either companies.