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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (Watsonville location) lost dog Information
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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter responds to dead and injured wildlife within the County of Santa Cruz, City of Santa Cruz, City of Scotts Valley, and the City of Watsonville. The City of Capitola provides both animal control services to their residents through their Police Department.
By appointment only! Appointments can be made through the Watsonville Animal Shelter (call: 454-7200 ext #6) or see map above.
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The Watsonville Animal Shelter no longer houses livestock now that the new Santa Cruz Shelter is open. To make use of the space, FOWAS volunteers are planting veggies that will be used to feed rabbits, other small animals, and will provide the cats with plenty of catnip! The area has already been prepared for gopher wire, which will be installed soon. California Shelters - FOWAS - Friends of the Watsonville Animal Shelter
Photo provided by FlickrSanta Cruz County Animal Shelter (Watsonville Location)
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FOWAS has been helping pets in Santa Cruz County since 2002. Since that time, FOWAS has provided thousands of low-cost or free spay and neuter services for dogs, cats and rabbits in the Watsonville area. In recent years, FOWAS and Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter have co-sponsored the "Healthy Dogs Shots Fair in Watsonville." In addition, FOWAS helps abandoned animals in need of medical help and donates supplies to the County’s animal shelters.Our community has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in overcrowded conditions and support in short supply at our Watsonville shelter. This means less attention provided for each animal, with often the neediest animals suffering the consequences.In 2013, FOWAS established a clinic in Watsonville to provide low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs, cats and rabbits within Santa Cruz County. Our clinic is a joint venture with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS). In this arrangement, FOWAS pays the rent and utility bills, and procures surgical supplies. These costs amount to approximately $72,000 annually. In addition, FOWAS spent $90,000 to make the rented facility operational. SCCAS (the sponsor of the PLANNED PetHood program) provides veterinarians for the surgeries, provides scheduling, and helps secure grants for our joint services. All fees collected for these services go back to SCCAS, not to FOWAS. FOWAS relies on donations to keep the clinic open long term.
Last year Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS) announced the opening of a brand new spay/neuter clinic at 150A Pennsylvania Drive, Watsonville, CA. This new clinic expands services for SCCAS’ current high quality, low-cost spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and microchip program, . The clinic is a collaborative effort between SCCAS and .

The goals of the new clinic are to help provide affordable spay/neuter veterinary services to the residents of South County to help reduce the County’s homeless animal population (SCCAS takes in nearly 6,000 animals per year) and to help residents comply with current animal ownership laws.Volunteers are needed at both the Watsonville and Santa Cruz shelters. The most common positions include: Cat TLC, Dog Exerciser, Rabbit Socializer, Pet Photographer, and Foster Parent. You must attend a general volunteer orientation, complete an application, and come to an interview with our volunteer coordinator. Volunteers must be 16 years or older, or 14 years if accompanied by a parent. This is a great way for teen parents to bond with their teen during that difficult life stage, and to set a compassionate example for them.Additionally, SCCAS secured a grant from PetSmart Charities for $86,000 to go towards FREE spay/neuter for cats that reside in zip code 95076. Cats will also receive a FREE microchip (includes registration), rabies and FVRCP vaccinations! Registration and scheduling can be completed at both SCCAS shelter locations: 2200 7th Ave. in Santa Cruz and 580 Airport Blvd. in Watsonville. Cat owners should not bring their animals to register.