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Aurora Animal Shelter has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Aurora, CO.
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Jennee Shipman took over as manager of the Aurora Animal Shelter in 2014, bringing with her years of experience as an animal control officer and an employee of the Humane Society.
AURORA, Colo. – A dog that’s been in an Aurora animal shelter due to concerns that it was part wolf is back with its family.
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Michael Bryant, senior public information officer with the Aurora Animal Shelter, said officers suspected Capone could be a hybrid based on "experience and behavior." Capone has been living with the Abbato family in Aurora ever since he was taken home from the Adams County Animal Shelter about a decade ago.
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Many of the illegal dogs were euthanized. Now, under new leadership, the shelter has come up with a way to help save pit bulls that are in Aurora.“Partnering with the Aurora Animal Shelter gives us the opportunity to provide a fun and unique reading experience for our patrons, while being able to support the great work the shelter does for animals in the community,” said Sara Van Holbeck, programming and outreach library assistant. “Kids are able to practice their reading skills and cats receive socialization and interaction as they await their forever homes, so everybody wins.” Veterinarians amputated one of Jake's front paws. They believe he was hit by a car. After performing $5,000 dollars in surgeries, Jake is recovering at the Aurora Animal Shelter and will soon be transferred to the Larimer County's Humane Society. The county does not have a ban on pit bulls and Jake will be put up for adoption.
Shipman, Keast and officials with the Aurora Animal Services Division are discussing a different kind of expansion that could involve smaller shelters located throughout Aurora, providing all kinds of area-specific duties. City of Aurora spokesman Michael Bryant said he couldn’t comment on the DNA test because Capone is mired in an ongoing legal case. Capone will remain at the Aurora Animal Shelter until a court can determine whether he goes home.“Aurora Animal Services is committed to balancing the needs of people and animals in the city of Aurora by providing humane shelter, treatment and placement of animals, and part of that mission involves enforcing the city’s animal laws. We hope there will be an amicable resolution to this case, and the shelter is committed to providing quality care to all animals it serves.”“The biggest piece that Zoie and I are looking at with our current statistics is having truly an animal center of Aurora and being able to really identify the needs, like those in the homeless community,” Shipman said. “We want to be able to provide homeless pets with the same services that homeless people have; vouchers to go into an (animal) shelter no different than vouchers to go into a housing community.”