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The Sacramento SPCA is an open admission animal shelter, which means we accept animals that are surrendered to us regardless of health, age, breed or behavior. Open admission shelters play an essential role in providing care to the thousands of animals that would otherwise have no safe refuge.
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You might see a cat or kitten for sale at a Sacramento pet store and assume that buying a cat is the only option. Or you might, as many people do, believe that a cat for sale from a store or a breeder in Sacramento is somehow “better” than one you might find for adoption in a Sacramento animal shelter. This is a common misconception, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The cats and kittens available for adoption at your local shelters and rescue groups are wonderful, sweet, healthy companions who are homeless through no fault of their own. Many times, animals end up in shelters simply because their former owner encountered a financial hardship and could no longer afford to care for them, or perhaps even lost their own home. Whatever the reason, most cats and kittens in shelters are great former pets who have lived in homes, and are often already litterbox trained. The Best 10 Animal Shelters near Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA - Yelp
Photo provided by FlickrOn Spay Day Sacramento 2015, the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition partnered with vet clinics and animal shelters to spay and neuter 500 dogs and cats ..
Photo provided by FlickrBest Animal Shelters in Sacramento, CA 95841 - Fluff Buddies, Old Dogs New Tricks, Animal Place, Duke's Wildlife Control.
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On Spay Day Sacramento 2015, the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition partnered with vet clinics and animal shelters to spay and neuter 500 dogs and cats belonging to families in need.Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation is enforces local and state laws that pertain to animal welfare. We also protect animals from cruelty and neglect, administer the State rabies program and protect the public from dangerous animals. When necessary, we assist emergency services such as the fire department and the Sheriff Department when animals are involved and provide sheltering services for stray animals. We strive to find good, permanent homes for the adoptable animals entering into our care. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Surveillance cameras captured a dog’s death at an animal shelter, and critics say this wasn’t the only animal killing that could have and should have been avoided. Shelters like the Sacramento SPCA care for thousands of homeless and surrendered animals each year. Because of limited space and resources, not all animals are able to receive the help they so desperately need. Spaying and/or neutering your dog will ensure more dogs are not surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA. While all breeds are at risk for overpopulation and homelessness, a high percentage of animals surrendered at community shelters are pit bull and pit bull mixes (pit bull/mixes). In 2015, 22% of dogs surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA were classified as pit bull or pit bull mixes.SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is turning away stray animals brought to its shelter as it says its bursting at the seams with dogs and cats.