Uncle Jason's Supplement Stack - the FORVM - Animal Pak

When taking this supplement stack, I take Animal Pak with my post workout shake
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I also threw in a very basic multi vitamin for the purpose of this Old School Muscle Building Stack to keep it simple. I do realize that Universal’s Animal Pak was around and very popular back but for the supplement stack video below, I chose to use Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-Men.
Universal Nutrition recommends that you stack Animal Stak with other products in their supplement line.
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Some vegan-friendly supplement companies make pre-made supplements that combine multiple nutrients, compounds, and amino acids together in a single blend. If you’re trying to keep your supplement intake and spending to a minimum, these products may be your best bet. They make it easy to get a completely plant-based stack going without having to individually vet each and every product used in a stack. All you have to do is inspect the label on the one supplement and see whether it fits in with your . As you’ll see below, inspecting the label beyond the product name can be essential. The concept of veganism in the bodybuilding community is rapidly gaining traction, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands what this lifestyle is all about. Old School Insanity: Best Supplement Stack
Photo provided by FlickrMar 30, 2012 - Old School Insanity: Best Supplement Stack
Photo provided by FlickrAntoine V's Supplement Stack! - the FORVM - Animal Pak
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- This is one of my Universal Nutrition and Animal supplements stacks. It's fairly simple and I know you can add more Universal supplements in this stack but we can't all spend half our paychecks on supplements, so I'm giving you some basic solid muscle building supplements in this stack. Here's a rundown:

Animal Pak - I take 1 pack post workout
Animal Rage - pre workout, usually a rounded scoop
Universal Atomic 7 - post workout (right after weights, during cardio)
Universal Storm - I mix this with Atomic 7 (Atomic-Storm! lol)
Animal Stak - will take pre workout

I've tried all of these except for Animal Stak. In fact, Animal Pak, Animal Rage and Universal Storm have been consistent supplements in my supplement stack for a while now (although I do switch up my pre workout products so that I don't get used to one). Storm is hands-down one of the best creatine supplements I've ever taken. And Atomic-7 is a BCAA (branched chain amino acid) formula with more goodies in the mix. I'm anxious to see how I respond to Animal Stak.

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Jason StallworthThis supplement stack features two of my all time favorite supplements: Animal Test and GH Max from Universal Nutrition. Before I stacked these two supplements together I had taken them on their own several times in the past. I had gotten such great results from both I decided one day to stack them. After all, the ‘real’ testosterone and growth hormone cycle is one of the most powerful stacks for building muscle. Obviously I wasn’t expecting roid-like results with over the counter supplements. However, I stacked Animal Test with GH Max in hopes of some substantial results in mass and strength.When taking this supplement stack, I take Animal Pak with my post workout shake. I just took 1 pack a day. Atomic-7 and Storm are my post workout supplements and I took these together in the beginning but later started splitting them up. I started taking Storm immediately after my weight training then I would sip on a serving of Atomic-7 during my cardio which I walk for about 30 minutes. – One of the supplement brands I often find myself going back to are Universal Nutrition supplements (including Universal’s Animal line). This is one of my basic Universal Nutrition Animal supplements stacks with an added testosterone booster.