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Feeding live or pre-killed is a question we are often asked. Opinions vary on this subject but we are emphatic that thawed frozen rodents are a much better option. First, feeding thawed rodents is easier and second it's substantially less expensive because you can purchase rats or mice in bulk and then store them in the freezer. More importantly, it is significantly safer for the snake. The bottom line is a thawed prey mouse or rat will never bite or chew on your snake in defense. We have seen nasty rodent bites inflicted on snakes when fed live rodents. We suggest you play it smart and go with feeding thawed prey items. At Big Apple Pet Supply, we carry a huge selection of frozen feeders that we deliver right to your door.

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Some product warranties do not provide coverage outside of the U.S., and some products may not be exported under any circumstances due to manufacturer's restrictions or U.S. law. Big Apple Pet Supply makes no representations regarding warranty coverage, compatibility or serviceability for products that are used outside the U.S. DISTRIBUTION CENTERBig Apple Pet Supply, Inc.100 Church StreetMillersburg, PA 17061
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Photo provided by FlickrDISTRIBUTION CENTER Big Apple Pet Supply, Inc. 100 Church Street Millersburg, PA 17061
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After finding it difficult to purchase quality pet supplies with expert pet care advice, Big Apple Pet Supply began in New York City in 1994. After completing extensive amounts of research on how to care for pets properly, Big Apple Pet Supply now shares with its 100,000 plus customer base an extensive selection of highly researched pet products along with expert advice.“Our new line of heated cat and kitten beds are designed to keep your cat warm and cozy,” said Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply. “Cats are most comfortable when they are warm and our heated cat beds provide the comfiest place in the house for a cat nap. We even have models that are designed for outdoor use for those with outdoor kitties.”Today, Big Apple Pet Supply is a retailer and manufacturer of high-quality pet supplies for reptiles, dogs, cats, fish and small pets. They ship pet products to pet lovers all over the world including, but not limited to museums, zoos, and educational institutions. They are committed to bringing innovative and superior supplies to the world of animals and to the people who love them.BigAppleHerp is a pet supply store that sells food and accessories for dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and other small pets. Join the "Big Apple Buzz" mailing list for news and current promotions, including a discount on your first order.“Our new line of cat scratchers features every kind of scratcher and exerciser available,” said Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply. “We have scratchers that are upright, attach to doors, and lay flat to the ground. We also have scratchers for every occasion including Christmas and Halloween… we even have a cat scratcher for feline NASCAR fans!”Founded as a store that focused on reptiles and helping locals care for them, Big Apple Pet Supply soon branched out, heading into the online world and stocking products for dogs and cats as well. This New York store now sells tanks, lights, feeding supplies, and even live lizards to reptile owners across the United States.