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Best Seat Belt Pillow Pet - seat belt pillows, Seat Pets - As Seen on TV, As Seen on TV Web Store, and Seat Pets™ | The Fun New Seat Belt Pillow Pet for Kids!
seat belt pets as seen on tv
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The brand-new seat belt pets come in various models, and they all feature a velcro loop which attaches to the belt in seconds, for an instant benefit! They are the easiest rewards for your kid to buckle up, and they will certainly make your long rides more enjoyable. The child car seat head support product as seen on tv. Seat Pets Seat Belt Travel Buddies - As Seen On TV Video
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Are you looking to make an unforgettable surprise to your child? If so, look no further, as the kids seat belt pillow as seen on TV are ideal in any occasion. Not only your kid will be delighted by their snugness and softness, but you'll also be able to focus on your car trip with no further worries. We all know that kids, and especially the little ones, tend to get bored and fall asleep during a long car trip. That's exactly why these seat belt pillow pets were invented! Your toddler won't be asking anymore "Are we there yet?", since they will be entertained at all times by their plushy seat belt companion. Do you have a hard time getting your child to keep their seat belt on? Maybe they just don’t care for the front strap? Sometimes it is uncomfortable but it keeps us all safe. If you have to take long car rides or maybe you will just be in the vehicle for longer periods of time with school out and summer fun happening all around us, then the As Seen On TV Seat Pets is for you!Best Seat Belt Pillow Pet - seat belt pillows, Seat Pets - As Seen on TV, As Seen on TV Web Store, and Seat Pets™ | The Fun New Seat Belt Pillow Pet for Kids!-Seat Pets are an awesome new plush doll that attaches to your child’s seat belt! Take your Seat Pet on summer vacations so your child can sleep without getting kinks in their necks! Seat belts will also be much more enjoyable to wear. Not only are these great for helping your children sleep in the car, but Seat Pets come with built in pockets (one is zippered) for your children to store all of their “valuables.” Seat Pets attach easily to your child’s seat belt and are designed perfect to come across your child’s body eliminating discomfort from the seat belt strap. Plus, the head is a perfect size and in location for sleeping children!(This information is taken right from the product description from the As seen on tv official site.)My kids have gotten used to Mommy reviewing products. So they will actually put in requests. This was a request from Faith. She saw the As Seen On TV Seat Pets and wanted to try them out. We received the pink cat and she loves it! The funny thing about the Seat Pets is that she uses it in the house and in the car. I keep trying to get her to leave it in the car on her seat belt but she won’t. 😉 She loves cuddling with it in the house and then will bring it with us when we go anywhere.