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-- Some pet insurance companies may only insure if you go with certain vets - and these vets may not be qualified avian vets; I am of the opinion that for anything avian related, you should always try and go to an avian vet (unless it is something mild, or you don't have one available). The list of "recommended" vets your pet insurance company may have, may not cover the vet you regularly visit
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Nationwide is unique when you consider they insure birds and other exotic pets in addition to cats and dogs. In fact, Nationwide earned the top spot for Avian and Exotic Pet Insurance in our round-up of . This includes all types of animals from rabbits and hamsters to iguanas and snakes. Because treatments needed by these types of pets are very different and commonly more expensive than treatments for cats and dogs, a special policy is necessary to make sure they receive an appropriate level of coverage. Note that you cannot get a quote for birds or exotic pets on Nationwide’s website so you must . Avian and Exotic Plan Benefit Schedule - Nationwide Pet Insurance
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We know your pet is a large part of your family, and we know that medical expenses can be stressful. Luckily there are many pet insurance options to help reduce those costs . That’s why we have outlined a few here to help you make the right choice for your loved one and offered a few points to think of when making your decision. All of the pet insurance plans offer coverage for cats and dogs. Some of the companies offer an avian or exotic plan for birds, rabbits, snakes, and ferrets, to name a few, but many of them do not state it directly on their website. is currently the only pet insurance provider that insures almost any kind of pet. Its Avian and Exotic Pet Plan covers major medical expenses for most birds and a broad range of other domestic critters. But we didn’t like that reimbursement is on a benefit schedule (which is riskier than actual bill reimbursement because the predetermined benefit could be less than your actual vet bill), and its policy language includes broad exclusions for any pre-existing conditions. Though, if you want to insure a pet that isn’t a dog or a cat, then this is the only choice on the market.Who doesn't want a beautiful bird as a pet? But, once you keep pets, you should take care of them. If you have exotic pets, then they need special attention too. Yes! With the help of exotic pet insurance, now you can have birds such as lovebirds and macaw. There are many pet insurance companies that provide specific insurance for birds to ensure their long and happy life. These avian , , , . You can also get your bird routinely examined for blood testing, fecal analysis and nail and wing trim in exchange of a certain amount every year. And to maintain such big cost, insurance coverage is required. Not only birds, for other exotic pets, you also need to invest time and money to take care of them. Moreover, you can't always predict the emergencies and unexpected things always. So, to secure your loving pet.DOWNLOAD pictures click,

Free learning videos for vet student. Bird flu symptoms in ducks.

This is a duck infected with avian influenza A, H5N1 virus, clade 2.3. The disease is particularly acute / sudden death, neurological symptoms were significant, without severe pathological symptoms. The duck was never vaccinated against the flu before.

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