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Discover Emergency & Critical Care in ALCOA from Banfield Pet Hospital 1726 today
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Be aware. This is not "Banfield Pet Hospital". It is Banfield pet clinic. They are in no way a hospital which is very misleading. Make sure you know when looking at your plan if there is not a number next to the service you get only 1. If you come in too late for them they will send you to an emergency clinic. Sometimes they won't even answer the phone. My "wellness plan" just cost me $2400.00 at the emergency clinic. Not even a medication discount. I am not renewing any of my animals’ plans. I will take them to a qualified veterinarian and get pet insurance that actually works. At my clinic there is only 1 vet that is compassionate and qualified to help an animal in my opinion. Too bad she is there. I would never recommend them to anyone and have been there for 7 years. Quit once before and was suckered into going back. I gave them 1 star because there is nothing lower. I can pay for shots and a check-up for the same amount it costs for their plan.
Discover Emergency & Critical Care in WINSTON SALEM from Banfield, Pet Hospital today
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I have read many of the reviews to Banfield Pet Hospital and some of the posts are heartbreaking, and my condolences on those who have lost beloved members of your family from this organization's negligence. I have had one experience with Banfield, and this was several years ago. I had purchased a Burmese kitten for my son's 8th birthday, from a local shelter. She had contracted an upper respiratory infection for other animals from this pound, and I had taken the kitty back to this animal control for antibiotics, and our pet became sicker and sicker. I had purchased some of our supplies from PetSmart, and noticed a pet clinic in the Long Beach location, and I took our Keylala to this pet hospital for treatment. I was a walk-in emergency, and I was told I would have to pay more for the appointment, and that was fine with me. My concern was that my kitty become well. Discover Emergency & Critical Care in CASSELBERRY from Banfield Pet Hospital of Casselberry today
Photo provided by FlickrDiscover Emergency & Critical Care in ARLINGTON from Banfield Pet Hospital 1550 today
Photo provided by FlickrDiscover Emergency & Critical Care in HOUSTON from Banfield Pet Hospital 1107 today
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PLEASE READ THIS: I never come to social media to ask for help, but this is an exemption. I need you guys to share this post as must as you can because what Banfield Pet Hospital did to my dog and my family is unbelievable and incredibly disrespectful. Short story, I took my dog Chanel to Banfield after she started acting weird; she had a lot sneezing and coughing, vomiting white mucus and she was acting oddly. So, I called my primary care vet, and he asked me to put Chanel on the speaker. Dr. ** was able to identify a respiratory issue in Chanel thru the "SPEAKER" of my phone and instructed me to go to the closest emergency pet hospital which happens to be Banfield.