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This awesome bed is made from poly-cotton blends and a waterproof outer shell that is easy to clean. It’s comfortable, has bolsters for your pet’s head to rest on, and is super durable. Available in six different sizes and various colors, the outer portion is machine washable. Compare with other bagel dog beds .
Pet bed with a foam core and soft micro-velvet cover helps pooches sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed
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Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed was the first of many crash-tested safety products designed by Sleepypod. Check out Sleepypod’s crash test videos along with more information on our Sleepypod Safety Test Program. Help your pup recall what a comfortable night’s rest really feels like with the selection of memory foam dog beds available at Petco.
Photo provided by FlickrThis pet bed is beautiful! Looks like a little sofa, my 75 lb. dog slept in it the first night! I'm so happy with this purchase!
Photo provided by FlickrGo on and let your pup get comfortable alfresco with one of the many outdoor dog beds available at Petco.
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Flat, ultra-supportive orthopedic pet beds are well-suited for canines with arthritis or hip dysplasia. They're usually made of thick memory foam that'll ease pressure on your dog's sore joints, as well as block the sometimes bothersome temperature of the floor. At the very least, select a bed with thick padding, and avoid all raised beds that require your dog to climb or jump onto them.If your dog has a thick coat and you're looking for a traditional indoor bed, make sure to avoid super-plush options that retain a lot of heat. A with a raised surface might also be a good choice, because it'll allow cool air to circulate under your dog as it sleeps. If your dog spends a lot of time basking in the sun, a plastic cooling pet bed filled with water or gel can help prevent your dog from overheating after playing fetch or running a dog marathon.Look for a waterproof pet bed with a removable cover or liner that will protect the bed's stuffing when your dog has an accident. Simply toss the cover in the wash when it needs to be cleaned. A meeting of the minds or perhaps a special Zen moment? It all started when Judy Coulter, a fashion designer, her husband Curtis Coulter, who earned a degree in Zoology and Rosie, an 18 year-old Cocker Spaniel came together. Rosie had an insatiable desire to create a comfortable bed. Rosie's digging destroyed many beds, so Judy got to work designing a pet bed for Rosie that would provide her with a sense of security and comfort. IT WORKED! Rosie stopped tearing up her beds. Judy wasn’t sure why it worked. Curtis explained instinctive denning behavior and how the unique design fulfilled Rosie's natural denning instinct. The Zen Den® bed, an instinct based pet bed was born!In short: you'll need a bed that's tough as nails. Since they don't have a lot of material to tear apart, pet cots are one of the most durable dog beds around and the hardest type for mischievous dogs and teething puppies to destroy. A cot typically consists of a sturdy metal or plastic frame with a mesh layer stretched over the top, which makes it hard for dogs to do any serious damage.If your pet is a model with no sleep or lay down animation it will still jump onto the bed, but it will freeze in it's default standing/flying/etc position for the duration.