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Doctor Hess: So, what are the best bird pets for beginners? People who’ve never had birds before.
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Choosing your first ever pet bird for beginners could be very overwhelming as there are hundreds of bird species to choose from. The choices could vary from size, color, and their maintenance needs. However, you can also choose which bird species you would like to take care of based on their skills and talents (like singing, talking, mimicking etc). To help you decide the most suitable pet bird for beginners like you, it is important that you make a list of all the things you are looking for a pet bird and break the list down to the most possible. Also consider your budget as well because some birds, even for beginners, can come in very expensive prices.
Doctor Hess: So, what are the best bird pets for beginners? People who've never had birds before.
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Learn about some options for beginner birds when choosing and buying a pet bird in this free how-to video clip tip on how to choose and buy a pet bird. Birds make great pets for beginner-level pet owners! Read up on our bird-care tips: (Photo Credit: felixspencer)
Photo provided by FlickrThere are many species of birds to choose from, but cockatiels are considered as the most lovable pets for beginners.
Photo provided by FlickrWatch this video to find out Best pet birds for beginners
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The cockatiels are among the small species of parrots. Most breeds of cockatiels are known for having a pleasant disposition that are suitable for beginners and even for kids who are mature enough and love to interact with birds. They are loving pet birds and love to be petted and snuggled. Those who love to touch animals for interaction will have fun with the cockatiels as they are the most ideal pet birds for physical interaction and actual playtime. They can be easily tamed when hand-fed at their young age.When talking about pet birds, parrots are extremely popular because of their ability to talk and mimic sounds. Many people are also fascinated with this specie because of their very attractive color combinations. Not all parrot species are ideal as beginner bird. There are several species of parrots, specifically the Amazon parrots that can be very aggressive and difficult to train, thus an intermediate to advanced skills may be required. But generally, many species of parrots are ideal pet birds even for beginners.There are many varieties of conure to choose from if you want this type of bird. As for beginner pet bird owners who aren’t fascinated with loud birds, the most ideal type of conure is the Green-cheeked conures and the Maroon-bellied conures. They are less quiet than the other types of conures which ca be extremely loud in any part of the day. They have playful personality and beginners would love this kind of disposition for a bird. Conures are affectionate, loving, and can learn how to talk.This bird is perfect for beginners who aren’t sure they want as much interaction as some other species require. The canary is happy to hang out in a cage and entertain you with beauty and song. In fact, they’d rather be handled. Because they don’t desire handling, the canary is a good children’s pet, providing song and beauty and allowing youngsters to observe the wonder of birds close up.