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Minnesota resident David P. Cole, who owns a Senegal named Zoey, thought Senegals were the best bird because they are “usually not loud; they make decent apartment pets. They are natural acrobats, so it is easier to train them to do “stupid pet tricks” than other bird species. Their antics are amusing, and their personalities can be very human in terms of shyness or boisterousness. They will bond to their human owner very quickly.”
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Cockatiels are a little bit bigger than previous birds but they are also very nice pets. Definitely need to be included in "the best bird as pet" list. They don't really learn how to talk but they whistle very nice and you can teach them to whistle a whole song. Top 7 Best Types of Bird Species to Have as Pets in Georgia
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Cats and dogs make great companions, but they aren’t the only cute critters we’ve welcomed into our lives. Though fewer people own them, birds are another great pet for your home or apartment — provided you understand what you’re getting into! Like different breeds of cats and dogs, different types of birds have different needs, quirks, and personalities. Our counts down seven of the best types of birds to own as pets if you live in Georgia.Cathy and Sandy Giancarlo agree with the assessment that cockatiels are very affectionate pets. Although they also own a lovebird, a budgie, a crimson rosella, a red lory, a rosy Bourke’s, Gouldian finches and a canary, they chose a cockatiel as the best bird. “Aladdin likes to be scratched behind her head and wants to stay with me the whole time she is out of her aviary,” stated Cathy.Always deal with a reputable breeder or bird store when shopping for a pet. Some pet retailers see birds as products to be sold as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rapid stock turnover may be good for profits, but not for pets. Deal with people who sell healthy, well-socialized birds and you can count on the best start to your relationship with your new pet.Some readers preferred certain sexes of umbrella cockatoos. One such reader is Jennifer Bethke of Connecticut who owns an umbrella cockatoo named Charlie Girl and a Moluccan cockatoo named Squeakie. “I think female umbrella cockatoos make the best pets. They are sweet, love to cuddle and are not quite as noisy or demanding as the other cockatoos (either that or I’ve got the pick of the clutch). They are neither so small as to lose them, nor are they so large that they need a room to themselves. In my humble opinion they are the perfect bird.”