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Your best bet would be to consult a book on keeping pet frogs before attempting this yourself.
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The Perfect Frog Habitat: A how to for setting up the best home for your pet frogs.
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The Pixie frog or Giant African Bullfrog tops our list of best pet frogs for beginners because it is one hefty beast of a frog. These gigantic frogs might start out tiny (think around the size of a quarter), but they are ravenous eaters and can attain weights of up to two pounds! Handleability – Mossy frogs should only be handled when necessary for cage cleaning. They are best kept as ‘look at’ pets.
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For the first frog encounter, I strongly recommend the . These guys are small, active, cute, and about as difficult to maintain as a tank of goldfish. You also don't have to deal with live bugs and they can be kept in the same conditions as goldfish for extended periods of time...(as long as there is a cover!) Dwarf frogs are very easy to take care of once they've become used to their new home. As with all fish, expect the first couple of weeks for adaptation time (many times pet stores will sell frogs that are already sick, or that are very very small and which may be a bit fragile in the first couple of weeks.) My sister had terrible luck with the baby frogs until she learned to wait for 2 weeks before she names her new pet (Usually, by then you can tell if the frogs will make the long haul) The best recommendation here is to get them at a decent size. Avoid really skinny ones or ones that are as small as your pinky-nail. In addition, if the frog doesn't give the pet shop owner a really hard time when the net goes into the tank, it may indicate some initial signs of being in less than perfect condition.Is there a kind of frog that makes the best pet? I’d like one with the sticky toes that climbs well on your arm, not one of the fat ones that just sits around all day in a fat pile.In addition to dealing with crickets, the Whites tree frogs need a little more care than the Firebellies need, simply because they live best with humidity and are happiest when the tank is sprayed with water once or twice every day. However, as far as Tree-Frogs go, they are by far one of the easiest to deal with and hardiest species available to be kept as pets! are absolutely NOT a beginners frog. Even though these frogs lose their toxicity in captivity, their care is very complicated and these fragile beings have very specific requirements for healthy captivity. I don't even want to write up any care sheets because I myself am not expert enough to tackle the complicated procedures for proper care of such breeds.Best of all, pet frogs are generally low maintenance and easy to care for. Unlike dogs, cats, birds, fish, or small mammals, most pet frogs are fine with being fed 3-4 times a week. Frogs don’t produce much waste, and can generally go several weeks between thorough cleanings. A properly set up can go years between substrate changes. Misting can easily be automated, to make care even easier! Frogs will generally be fine if you miss a feeding – no need to find a babysitter for your pet frogs when you go out of town for a few days!