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If you’re interested in other pet species besides small animals and want to find out the best pets for children, be sure to check out these articles about kid-friendly animals.
Learning about the supplements available for small animals puts retailers in the best position to guide customers to products that can boost their pets' health.
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Touching a chinchilla’s super-soft fur is a sensation, but chinchillas rarely hold still for petting. Chinchillas live to be about 10 years old. They are on the large side of the small animal pets and require a larger cage. As herd animals, they do best with a companion chinchilla (same-sex to avoid breeding). Chinchillas, like hamsters and mice, are pets more to appreciate by watching instead of interacting with them. Handling can be difficult, and grabbing the fur wrong can cause it to come out in clumps. Grooming for a healthy chinchilla basically requires just offering it a dust bath a few times a week. Chinchillas also like to chew and have constantly growing teeth, so appropriate chew items must be provided to keep their teeth trimmed. Special note: Chinchillas must eat hay, so a chinchilla won’t be a good fit if anyone in the house is allergic to hay. The best way to promote small pets is to sell quality animals that have bonded to humans at an early age and are therefore exceptionally cuddly.
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Having trouble deciding how to best keep your new small animal? Sierra Fish and Pets is a pet store that will provide you with all the information on how to take good care of your adorable small companion pets.This list of the best pets for children includes pet reptiles that require basic feeding, as well as small mammal pets that might allow kids to play with them and even cuddle. Vote up those animals you think make the best pets for families with children to move them to the top of the list. If you believe a kid can handle a dog, great! Vote it up - and also check out this list of the best dog breeds for kids. If you don't think children should have even the best exotic pets, vote them down. This list includes the best pets for young children and small children as well as good pets for older children. What do you think are the best low maintenance pets for kids? Use this best pets for kids list to decide if your child is ready to care of an animal!Not every animal may be right for you, so let's walk through the kinds of questions to ask when choosing a pet. The needs and temperaments of animals vary greatly, as do those of the people who keep them. For example, some animals are better suited to pet keepers living in small quarters, such as apartments. Others will do best on very large properties, or where they have lots of room to romp and play, and many pets fall somewhere in the middle.Another option is to offer a seminar in small animal grooming. This will give retailers an opportunity to market grooming tools that owners can use at home. Many owners of small pets don’t know the best way to keep their pets well groomed, so store staff can demonstrate the proper way to hold pets for nail trimming and the best combs and brushes to use for different lengths and textures of fur.If retailers choose to offer baths for small animals, it may be best to schedule small animals and dogs at different times of the day. Small pets can be frightened of dogs, especially if they bark, so it is best to keep them separated. Chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils should never be bathed, and rabbits rarely need a bath, but baths can be offered for ferrets, guinea pigs and rats (although rats are usually self-grooming). Retailers can make this service even more appealing by using only natural cleaning products and advertising that to their customers.How far and fast should you proceed? Remember, animals are individuals, and you know your pets best. Terriers and their mixes tend to respond to small furries in a more intensely predatory way than, say, spaniel types. Take into account -- it’s one thing if your Chihuahua forgets for a moment that your cat isn’t a snack, another if your 60-pound Catahoula mix makes the same mistake with your gerbil. I haven’t found any studies on this point, but common sense suggests that extra care’s in order for pocket pets and rodents who live with dogs.