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There are many pet bakeries that do birthday cakes and treats for pets. But at "My Best Friend"...”YOUR” Specialty Pet Bakery....we create the unique, artistic creations that you cannot find anywhere else.
Contact us for Doggie Bag Cafe & Pet Boutique Dog Birthday Cakes, Organic Gourmet Dog Food and Bakery Treats We Cater to Your Pet's Desire!!!
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It’s safe to say, despite torrential rain and tornado warnings that nearly blew away our bounce house, it was indeed a happy birthday! As for the cake, this really is easier than you think. The reason I do these tutorials is A) I freaking amaze myself that I pull them off, and B) to encourage and inspire others to try to bake your cakes. It’s so much fun to do with your kids, and saves you bucko bucks. Plus the memories she’ll have making cakes with her mom is something I hope she’ll treasure as much as her beloved Palace Pets friend. 14 Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes -
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