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Great place for the dogs to lounge while I work - Bowser Pet Bed in Buttercup/Silver Treats
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The Bowsers Diamond Piazza Dog Bed is the newest addition to the Bowsers' family! Comfort squared, the Piazza Dog Bed allows you to show off your dog in public life! You precious pets will be drawn to the tufted square, fibre topped foam center cushion on this overstuffed dog bed! You will love the sleek, space saving modern design of the Bowser Diamond Piazza Dog Bed. The cover has a convenience carry handle and is removable for machine washing and drying.
Bowser Dog Beds Safari Buttercup Designer Pet Beds (Size Small & Large)
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There is no doubt that Bowsers dog beds are seriously top notch. Their multiple claims of offering high quality, designer pet beds that are practical and stylish are nothing but true. Every bed comes in so many colors, in so many sizes and so many different styles. The small Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger sells for $99.99. You can .
Photo provided by FlickrBowser Eco Orbit Medium Pet Bed
Photo provided by FlickrBowsers Pet Beds are more expensive because they stand behind sustainable materials, domestic production, and a made to order business model.
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Since 1998, Bowsers has set the trend in distinctive, quality pet beds. Our unique blend of furniture-quality fill, luxurious upholstery fabrics and practical designs has set a new standard in the pet industry. Bowsers has changed the way many think of pet beds . . . gone are the days when your unattractive dog bed is hidden away when guests arrive. Our pet beds are attractive furnishings which blend with the home décor. We carry other pet furnishings as well, including the beautiful Tiger Dreamz pet bedding, which is created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. And don't forget to check out our pet pillows, bowls, and soft-sided pet carriers. You won't believe the incredible softness of Bowsers microvelvet fabrics. (Do they make people-sized Bowsers beds?) Microvelvet is machine washable, extremely strong — and it repels pet hair, dirt and moisture. The Double Donut Dog Bed By Bowser has all of the benefits of the Bowser Donut Dog Bed with the added luxury of an upper bolster. Finished with piping to resemble a sofa, the Bowser Double Donut Dog Bed fits beautifully with your decor while pampering your pet. The removable cushion is filled with orthopedic foam and can be used in both the bed and a crate. Zippered openings make for easy machine washing and drying.> Medications: Please clearly label the medication and include an information sheet containing your name, pet's name, medication type, dosing instructions, and what the medication is for.
Our facility recommends Solid Gold products. Families are encouraged to provide enough food for their pets. If no food, or not enough food, is provided, your pet will be provided Solid Gold pet food. Dogs will be fed throughout the day as per your instructions. If your dog is on a special diet, we will accomodate your pet's needs.
Dogs sleep indoors in a climate-controlled, home-like room. Bowser B&B provides sleeping mats or cots in the dog's room. Please keep your dog's special dog bed at home.
Bowsers Diamond Collection Donut Beds fashions an oval outer ring that creates a secure place for your pet to lay his head. You will love how the removable "tufted" cushion can be removed to be used as a travel or crate mat. This tufting ensures that the fiber will Not clump, shift or bunch when washing. Both bottom and bolster contain 100% "high memory" polYester fiber. Browse through all bowser pet beds now to choose one for your pet dog.