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Hydrocide Odor Neutralizer destroys odors in carpet, uphostery, mattresses and hard surfaces
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Another important thing to look out for is to ensure that your current dog odor remover is not harmful to your carpet and your furniture. You have to avoid those neutralizers that contain harmful things like bleach. Because when they get on your carpet, they can cause serious damage and it will be difficult to restore the quality of your carpet.
Its multipurpose formula makes it the best odor neutralizer. You can use it on carpet, furniture, leather, pet beds, car and any other purpose.
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May be used with Mechanical and Hand Spray Equipment, Foggers, Commercial & Industrial Misting, Vapor Systems, Humidifiers, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Direct Injection Metering Systems, Mopping Solutions and Direct Wiping. Our Mini Fogger has been designed to atomize and deliver Odor Neutralizer into small areas such as residential and hotel rooms and small scale industrial applications. This lightweight unit has a one-quart tank with a variable spray range of 7 - 12 feet. Just plug into your extension cord and spray away the odors. Simply dilute the rinse and odor neutralizer with water in a sprayer. Lightly mist over the previously cleaned carpet and allow to dry.
Photo provided by FlickrBuy the large case it will save you a lot of money and is worth it. The carpet rinse and odor neutralizer is great. It even gets out smoke.
Photo provided by FlickrCitrus Carpet Odor Neutralizer is a version of Citrus Odor Neutralizer 4045 with a citrus fragrance.
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You have to be really careful with many products on the market. Here's a short list of products we reviewed and foundClean+Green to besuperior to all of them: Nature's Miracle, Citrus Odor Remover,Pet S.O.X, Bi-Odor, PDQ, Pet Organics, Odormute, Febreze, GladeNeutralizer, Lemon Mate Mist, and Ozium AirSanitizer, and PureAyre.After trying a natural pet urine remover, you may need something stronger. An enzyme neutralizing product contains live bacteria and enzymes that digest protein and bacteria found in cat urine. Shake it on the carpet, leave on for 8 hours, then vacuum. Repeat if you continue to smell an odor. You can purchase cleaning solutions with neutralizing enzymes at the pet store or at your veterinarian’s office. The following are some of the available commercial products:Vinegar is another great possibility for deodorizing. You may be worried about the smell of vinegar but once the liquid dries completely, it becomes odorless. In the process, vinegar will absorb unpleasant smells. This is why it often gets used for old fridges, to neutralize cat litter box odor, for general house deodorizing and for carpets.If a pet odor neutralizer or our baking soda technique doesn’t completely remove the odor, you can rent a carpet cleaning machine to finish the job. Avoid steam cleaners, however, since high heat could set smells and stains permanently.If you prefer a specific pet odor neutralizer, follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid damaging your carpets. Avoid cleaners with ammonia or vinegar, since the strong scents could attract your pets back to the area you’re trying to clean.Sprinkling baking soda on carpet before vacuuming is a great way to neutralize odors in carpet. Just let it sit for a few minutes after sprinkling and vacuum it up.