Hula cat, one of Petco's top 10 Halloween costumes for pets.

Dog & Cat Costumes - Spirit Halloween
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Pet costumes have been gaining popularity in recent years, with 16 percent of Americans saying they’ll dress up their dogs, cats and bunnies for Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. The most popular costumes for pets were gender-neutral pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees.
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Casey and Sassy model some cheap Halloween costumes for pets!

funny cats try on halloween costumes pets dogs animals paranormal activity annoying plumpkin tribute fred special manson scary black attacks drunk simon chat ear scritches film 1928 cell phone time traveler brave coyote stands up stand off encounter tigger templates Oct 7, 2016 - Tips for selecting a Halloween costume for your dog or cat. Some outgoing, confident pets happily and effortlessly wear Halloween costumes.
Photo provided by FlickrHalloween treats and eats aren't just for humans. Dogs, cats and small pets can get in on the food and fun of the holiday too — in costume!
Photo provided by FlickrPet Halloween costumes at Spirit
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About 23 million people will dress up their pets this year, according to the (NRF). Americans will spend a scary amount of money on Halloween costumes and accessories for their dogs and cats. Sales are expected to hit a record $350-million dollars, up $30-million from last year. Is you are interested in Star Wars Halloween costumes for your cat or dog, I’ve got you covered. These might even work on other pets, if you want to try to put a decorative headband on a ferret.Include your furry friend in this year's Halloween celebrations by crafting a handmade costume for your dog or cat. Just be sure to use only soft, lightweight materials that don't obstruct your pet's movement, eyes, nose or mouth.It happens every year around this time: every pet store you walk into has Halloween costumes for pets for sale. Your Facebook feed explodes with photos of cats and dogs in costumes. Admittedly, some of the photos are adorable. But do you really think cats, if asked, would want to dress up in anything but their own, beautiful fur coats?In recent years, dressing up your pets for Halloween has gone from an underground taboo practiced in secret to mandatory for dog and cat lovers everywhere. Here are some of our favorite videos starring your costumed companions. And while the best-selling costumes are for dogs and cats, there are plenty of options out there for pets like guinea pigs, and even fish and lizards! Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer at PetSmart, told TODAY that the pet retailer has carried a Halloween-themed fish aquarium for about three years, to increasing consumer interest. What do you plan to dress your pet up as this year for Halloween? Pets like to join in on the spooktacular fun just as much as everyone else! While cats and dogs are routinely dressed up as sweet little angels and furry princesses, some pet owners are dressing up their four-legged friends in some rather haunting costumes.Halloween is right around the corner — do you know what your pet will be this year? If not, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up eight of the best DIY costumes for both dogs and cats. You’re sure to find something spook-tacular no matter your skill level (or your pet’s tolerance level, for that matter). Just click on the links for detailed instructions.