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lovely Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet and Bedding Spray
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Kills Fleas on Contact. De-Flea Pet & Bedding Spray is safe and non-toxic as it does not contain pyrethrins or similar chemicals. It is an ideal application for dogs and their bedding.
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DeFlea Pet and Bedding Spray can be used on both dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age. It is safe for people and pets and is also effective on ticks and lice. delicate Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet and Bedding Spray
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Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray is an all-in-one flea-killing spray formula. Not only is it safe enough to use on your pet, but it's also safe enough to spray on bedding, or any other place your pet may have come in contact. The good news is, De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray is made with biodegradable ingredients, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals or the effect on the environment. In addition, it is easy to use, kills on contact, and can be used on dogs and puppies (12 weeks and older).DeFlea® Pet & Bedding Spray kills fleas on contact. Can be used on all dogs and puppies. Do not use on animals under 12 weeks of age. Kills flea on contact. 24 oz.The active ingredients in Natural Chemistry DeFlea Pet & Bedding Spray are not only safe for the environment, but they are also effective. With the use of biodegradable ingredients, DeFlea Pet & Bedding Spray can be used directly on your pet and on your pet's bedding. DeFlea Pet & Bedding Spray kills on contact, and can be used on dogs and puppies 12 weeks of age and older.Natural Chemistry knocks it out of the park with this flea spray. You can use it directly on your dog or all over their bedding, the furniture, and carpets. It kills fleas on contact giving your dog immediate relief from those irritating, biting bugs. It can be used around all ages of dogs from puppies to adult. Natural Chemistry proudly makes their products in the USA. This formula incorporates a patented combination of non-toxic, safe ingredients that work together in order to soften that waxy exoskeleton of insects. Once penetrated, the flea’s internal organs are saturated and immediately killed. This De Flea Spray works against every life stage of insects. All parasites will be eliminated without any harsh chemicals. This spray is not for use on or around kittens or cats.Natural Care created this spray for dogs and cats to repel mosquitoes while killing fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on-contact. It is safe to use on multiple home surfaces, outdoors, and even on your dogs and cats, as long as they are 12 weeks or older. The natural ingredients mean it is safe to use around your family too. Spray it all over your dog’s bedding, pillow, blankets, carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, and countertops! This flea and tick spray is made in the USA using natural plant extracts, such as peppermint oil and clove extract, to powerfully and naturally kill those pesky fleas and ticks. No need for harsh chemicals here. Shake before use and gently spray your dog until she is damp but not dripping. Always avoid the face. Peppermint oil is natural, but it’s still unpleasant to have it sprayed in your face! You can even massage the spray in for maximum effect. Use this flea spray for dogs all year round to prevent fleas from infesting your house!Spray entire animal, including legs and paws. Stroke the animal's coat against the lay while spraying to make sure the solution reaches the skin. Spray until entire coat is damp. Do not apply directly to eyes, mouth or nose of the animal. To help solution penetrate to the skin, spray and work into the coat. Dry with towel if desired. In addition to pet; spray on dog bedding that may be infested, making sure adequate product is used to saturate areas where fleas may be hiding. Contacting fleas with product is required to achieve results. Repeat as necessary, but not more often than at 3-day intervals.