Cleaning Dog Urine from Your Carpet

Listed below are the recipes for cleaning Dog and Cat Urine from Carpets, Mattress, Sofa etc
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Simple Solution NATURAL Stain & Odor Eliminator combines plant-based cleaners, corn-based ethanol and natural bio-cultures to create what is, in my opinion, the best product for removing dog urine from carpet. You can order a .
One of the most effective ways to rid dog urine odors from carpets is by using a steam cleaner
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Your cat or dog decided to leave their special mark on your carpet. What do you do? Do you try to clean it yourself? How do you know if your cleaning methods really worked? Is the urine smell completely gone? Pet urine in your carpet is a serious problem. It penetrates fibers and contaminates the backing. Our unique cleaning process removes the yellow urine proteins that bond to carpet fibers and thoroughly cleans the urine soaked backing and pad. As long as the urine has not been sitting in your carpet for a long period of time, we can remove every trace of the spot, smell and stain on synthetic carpet. Cleaning White Carpet Stained with Dog Urine - Creative Homemaking
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I just had my area rug professionally cleaned front and back plus they said sanitized because I had areas I could see from the back that had pee spots from the dogs I was sheltering. I put my nose to the carpet a day later and could still smell the urine! I looked for a recipe and found this. I did not go to the vinegar right away but I will for the next time. I am buying back up supplies today in bulk because I will treat the entire rug the same if it happens again. I used the hydrogen peroxide 3% with dish soap and a brush and the baking soda. Immediately I could see the baking soda lifting the urine up. I let it dry over night with box fans and ceiling fan going. I have a kurby and it did an okay job vacuuming up the mess but used my hand held to vacuum the kurby so I could get it outside to shake out the vacuum. I will have to take the vacuum apart to clean up the baking soda. It is well worth it. I put my nose to the carpet spot today and it is free of urine smell! Give this recipe a try. I will use it again for sure!After cleaning all of the carpets, though, we realized that there was a sudden urine smell permeating the house. At first we thought it was just because the carpet was still very damp, but then realized we had just revealed a hidden urine problem (we knew the previous owner had at least 1 dog). Amazing! I drug home a castoff area rug. Looked decent for garage work area.. Unrolled the thing to find disgusting stains and overpowering dog urine stench! Ugh, what was I thinking? Nothing to lose, right? I Hosed it down backside up and poured citrus dish soap/bleach mixture (a big squirt and 1/3 c bleach in 2 gallons of water) and stomped & hosed til nasty amber water ran mostly clear. Turned carpet and used carpet cleaner to pull out moisture. Draped over ladders to dry. Almost.. Then 2/1 water/white vinegar with a splash of citrus all purpose liquid cleaner using 2 gallon sprinkling can to moisten til it began to run off. Closer.. Again with water and vinegar 4/1 adding 1/3 c baking soda (it will froth) and with sprinkling can lightly wetting carpet focusing on areas with remaining odor. Holy Cow! I can put my nose right on the rug.. Smells fresh! May use it in sunroom rather than garage! This took several days to allow for drying.. But 10 bucks later I have a decent 10x12 bound short shag-ish rug! I may go at it again with traditional carpet cleaner for good measure to ensure it will pass my critters' inspection.. But the darned thing looks and smells OK. No more odor! No more stains! But man oh man, has this been a miracle. Not only that, I had everything already at home. I did swing by the dollar tree and pick up 2 spray bottles. So, for $2.20, I was able to clean my sons carpet and he's right back in his room. It's incredible. Please, before you do anything more, use this. There is literally no smell. Well, besides boy funk, but whatever. You can't even tell there was ever dog urine ever in that room. It didn't come back later or anything. It's been about 3 months since my last use and there is still no smell. I'm actually using it now, since my girlfriends dog peed on my dining room carpet, waiting for the vinegar mix to dry. Anyways, good luck!