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“Cats are helpful for companionship without affecting the limited mobility some of the seniors have. We are finding that some of the housing that seniors are in, like apartments and condos, are more open to cats than dogs,” says Ms. Kurowski, the Pets for the Elderly Foundation general manager. “Cats are easy to hold on your lap and so many people, especially those who live alone, need the touch and cuddling provided by cats who need to be cuddled.”
Maximum two (2) pets per individual per year. (2 cats or 2 dogs or 1 cat and 1 dog) An agent can arrange to increase the number to five (5).
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Every day, you can adopt a pet in a Petco store. In fact, together with Petco and our community partners, we help find homes for thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets every week. We can even help you get started now below. Our goal is to give the most overlooked pets a second chance at life through adoption: adult and special needs dogs and cats, and large dogs.
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