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Follow these easy guidelines to keep your outside pets cool during the hot summer months.
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Hissing roaches make wonderful pets for children or people who want a conversation starter. They are very easy to keep and breed either in an aquarium or a big plastic bin. Make sure to put a couple inches of petroleum jelly around the side if your cockroach habitat doesn’t have a lid. This prevents escapes. However if there is escapes they will likely die off pretty quick being a tropical non-pest species. Hissing cockroaches are wonderful in that they’re a nice big size, easy to handle, do not bite or pinch, and display unique behaviors. When frightened they do indeed hiss at you and males will often take hierarchical roles with the most dominant being surrounded by less dominant satellite males who gather around the borders of their territory. They are easy to sex too and are generally very cheap, $1 or maybe $2 a head at a pet store. These guys can live 2-3 years and make wonderfully educational pets for children. Other bugs to consider would be giant stick insects, diving beetles, tarantulas, and giant millipedes.
The great thing about keeping millipedes as pets is how easy they are to feed
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My best advice, is to do your best to keep your pets separated as much as possible. A King or Corn snake, won’t stand a chance against a cat. The climate in your area is mostly unimportant, as you will want to create the appropriate environment in your pets enclosure. You will need to purchase a secure cage, hides, heat source etc, to recreate the environment that they require to stay healthy. Kings and Corns are typically, pretty easy to care for, so I think either option would be good for you, so long as you can provide it with what it needs. Mar 20, 2014 - But guinea pigs are also hardy, easy to care for, great with kids and live long lives. Learn more about keeping guinea pigs as pets.
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While I think they are great pets, they need as much care as every other living thing. ( or maybe more depending on the species you get) you need a good tank, the bigger the better, and a strong filtration. They need substrate and they need food. I admit I have a betta in a bowl, but it is at gallon bowl and I am consistent about water changes weekly. If you are looking for a pet that you could just through food in there once and a while and not clean their tank or one you want to cuddle with, I am sorry to say but no fish could thrive that way. They can be a commitment, but if you know what you are doing they can be very easy to keep. I should know, I've kept all kinds of fish I have four tanks, each tank has special fish that needs individual requirements. When you pick your fish, make sure to do your research on it first so you'll know what to expect and not be led on the wrong path because some dumb store attendant told you you could keep a goldfish in a 1/2 gallon bowl. I kind of ...It’s rare to find a parrot that can be classed as easy, but this is exactly how the Pionus Parrot can be described. A lot of people don’t keep these as pets purely for their appearance; in short, they just don’t have that wow-factor that most other parrots have.It is obvious that birds are outdoor animals, but when people keep them as pets, they are usually confined to a cage indoors. Considering that birds need to be able to fly and interact with other birds in order to maintain happiness, they do require a lot of attention, otherwise they can become withdrawn, depressed, and even mean.

The best way to keep a bird as a low-maintenance pet is to place it in an outdoor sanctuary where it can be in its natural environment. Here, it can fly around to exercise, as well as tweet away in the morning with the rest of its species. Building a sanctuary is no easy undertaking, however, once it is set up, the birds require very little maintenance. It is important to note that keeping birds outdoors is only acceptable in appropriate climates.
Bearded Dragons originated from Australia and have a lifespan of 5-8 years. They are called “Bearded” Dragons because the spikes and scales around their head resemble a beard. They are popular to keep as exotic pets due to their easy care and calm nature. They grow 12-24 inches in length and many agree they make great pets because they are generally mellow creatures. Surprisingly Bearded Dragons were not introduced to the United States until the 1990’s. Now a days they are considered a popular exotic pet, and can be found in almost every pet store.