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basic cleaning products, such as Bright White Shampoo therapeutic solutions and remedies, such as Tea Tree and Aloe Healing Conditioner solutions to renew, revitalize and remoisturize coats, such as Milk and Honey Shampoo formulations such as Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo to eliminate odors provides a rich, fragrant experience, such as Plum Perfect Shampoo products for pet shows to hold, texture, volume and shine, such as Freeze! Hair HoldProfessional care: sold in larger sizes for the pet care professionalCat care: especially for cats, such as Energee Plus Cat ShampooHorse care: award-winning products specifically formulated for horses
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Based on feedback from professional pet groomers and pet care specialists, Espree develops products with natural and certified organic ingredients designed to meet specific requests and precisely identified needs. Staff scientists and groomers work to formulate and test new products to assure exceptional quality control. Espree Professional Pet Grooming Products
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Founded in 1989, Espree began with five products that combined the wisdom of nature with innovative technology. Over time, the company developed a strong groomer following and expanded the product line based on the requests of groomer customers. Today, Espree provides care and grooming products for dogs and cats, and fly control and grooming products for horses, available through pet specialty and farm and home retailers.“The mission of Espree is to improve the well-being of animals and enhance the care of pet professionals and animal lovers,” Espree founder and current Chief Creative Officer Teri Jones said. “Manna Pro is an ideal match to continue to bring natural, Aloe vera-based products to market to meet the needs of pet owners seeking natural and organic products that solve their pet’s issues safely and effectively.”“Manna Pro’s acquisition of Espree is a natural expansion of our small/companion animal business that began just over a year ago when we acquired the Nutri-Vet line of health and wellness supplements,” said Manna Pro Vice President of Marketing Beth Rogers. “This extension complements our focus on bringing innovative, safe, and effective products to pet owners and their animals – from horses and backyard poultry, goats, rabbits, cattle and pigs, to dogs and cats.”Espree manufactures a blend of natural and organic pet grooming solutions that are both safe and effective. As the preferred product for professional groomers for 22 years, Espree provides a solution-specific line with more than 75 different products created for the well-being of the pet, their devoted human and the professionals who care for them. Espree's products are distinguished by their contents - natural and organic ingredients that are gentle and safe. Espree uses the finest 100% certified organic aloe vera in every product. Aloe is the highest percentage ingredient in every Espree product. The company has grown steadily because of its expertise and innovation in the development of pet grooming products.Teri Payne Jones founded Espree in 1989 with a desire to combine her passion for animals with her experience in manufacturing natural, Aloe Vera based products. Teri loves animals! She competed in hunter / jumper equine classes for 20 years and has been a passionate dog enthusiast all of her life. Espree has allowed Teri to make a meaningful contribution to the animals that have given her so much joy throughout her life.

Justin Jones joined Teri at Espree in 2003 and in marriage the following year. Justin has business degrees from SMU in Dallas, Texas (BBA) and Rice in Houston, Texas (MBA) and his experience in operations consulting helped Espree experience rapid growth.

Espree launched in 1989 with 5 products primarily formulated for pet professionals. Espree products quickly became groomer favorites! As Espree's popularity grew, groomers began to request more solutions. Over time, Espree has responded to those groomer requests by developing over 75 products for dogs, cats and horses. Over the past 10 years, Espree's popularity has grown with pet owners seeking natural and organic products that solve their pet's issues safely and effectively.

Espree now distributes products in more than 25 countries around the world to thousands of pet professionals and consumers alike!Adding Espree Products to our Grooming Salon Services was a great decision! We use a variety of Espree Products in our high volume, luxury pet salon and spa here in Salem, Va.

We have found that the results are fantastic for skin and coat problems and provide an easy maintenance program.

The Espree Representative is very knowledgeable and was instrumental in introducing Espree Products to us! Her constant support and availability is a great asset in continuning education of our staff in the proper use of the Espree products.

I highly recommend Espree Products!