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The customer review of this pet gate made by Carlson is mostly positive. The average rating is above 4 on the scale of 5 which shows how much customers love this product. The rating of extra-wide gate is higher and even the purchase of extra-wide is higher as compared to extra-tall.
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At 41 inches tall, the added height makes this gate just right for large pets and pets that like to jump. Expands from 29 to 34 inches wide. If you need a little extra, add the 6-inch extension and expand your gate to 40 inches wide (sold separately). Convenient walk-through design has an easy, one-touch release handle. Patented pet door is 10 inches by 7 inches to let small pets pass through, while everyone else stays put. Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate, Expands 51-59 Inches Wide.
Photo provided by FlickrCarlson Super Wide Extra Tall Maxi Pet Gate
Photo provided by FlickrCarlson 2870 Freestanding 28 in. Tall EXTRA WIDE Pet Gate - Walmart
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This pet gate pressure mounts by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place. It’s ideal for a variety of room openings or in doorways measuring 29.75 to 39 inches wide using the two extensions included and is an extra-tall 42 inches high.Easy to use - extend tension knobs until gate fits tightly
Pet door (9.5" x 8") swings freely or Grip-n-Twist Latch locks for containment
Extra-wide 21" door opening allows for easy pass through
Swing gate in one or both directions with swing-stop feature
Steel construction in a matte bronze finish will complement any home décor
Two extensions are included
Please note: "When you unpack this gate you will notice that it is not square. This is normal and the gate is not damaged. It is manufactured at a pre-set angle so when it is installed properly in the opening, it will maintain the correct amount of tension and prevent it from being pushed out of the opening under normal use. Please read and follow the instruction manual carefully."CLICK HERE

Lets small pets pass through, while keeping everyone else out
Sturdy lead-free, non-toxic, chewproof all-steel construction
Easy 1-touch release handle
Quick, easy setup
Includes 2 extensions to expand gate to 44 inches


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pet gate door The Dreambaby Chelsea Tall & Extra Wide Auto-Close Security Gate with Smart Stay Open Feature is perfect for parents who need functionality in addition to security. This gate features a unique Magnetic Locking System that will ensure the gate closes automatically and securely from any distance. The Smart Stay-Open feature is perfect for when you need to move freely through the barrier, such as when you're carrying groceries or clearing the table. Utilizing simple pressure-mounting installation, the Chelsea gate can be mounted without the need for hardware. Once the gate is installed, the EZY Check indicator takes out the guess work by showing that the gate is latched closed and tension is properly distributed. This combo pack includes one Dreambaby Chelsea Tall & Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate, one 3.5" extension and one 7" extension. Versatile indeed, it will fit openings of 38-42.5" on its own or with the included extensions it can be increased to fit up to 53". Additional extensions sold separately for wider spaces up to 198.5." Extra tall 39.4" height. Great for pets too!