Carlson Pet Products Design Paw Extra-tall Pet Gate

 Carlson Extra Tall Flexi Pet Gate
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Welcome to the Extra Tall Dog Gates superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make owning and loving a dog as worry-free as possible. That's why we've searched far and wide to get our paws on the most secure dog gates available to make sure your furry friends stay where you want them. We know pet owners appreciate having a wide assortment of options in order to find the perfect solutions for their pets, and we're pleased to be able to bring those options to you. Here you'll find the best dog safety gates on the web, all priced at up to 70% less than what you'd pay anywhere else!

Extra tall gates are ideal for pet owners with dogs who see every barrier as a challenge. Our gates range from just over two feet all the way up to four feet high to keep your dog safe and give you peace of mind. With wood, metal and wire extra tall pet gates from the leading manufacturers of pet barriers (including Carlson Pet Gates and Four Paws), we definitely have the perfect fit for your home. Easy to set up, easy to remove and completely safe for your pets and home - what could be better? Feel free to browse our whole collection to find the perfect extra tall gate for your dog!

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Pet Mountain products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry. At Pet Mountain, we buy in bulk and develop programs with our network of suppliers that focus on giving you more for your money. Like you, we care about our pets. It’s all about giving our dogs, cats, birds and other pets a good life!

At Pet Mountain we know that your pet is one of the most important things in your life. How? Because ours are too! Your pet deserves to have the very best the industry has to offer, and we are committed to making sure you have it at crazy low prices. Providing you with the very best supplies for your dog, cat, reptile, bird or small critter is our privilege. Keeping a pet should be fun - let us help you keep it that way!
Carlson Extra Tall Tuffy Metal Expandable Pet Gate
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Despite your best efforts pets can be very resourceful in getting around barriers that you set for them. Having a way to successfully coral your fur baby in your home can save you headaches and make sure your pet doesn’t get into anything off-limits. An extra tall pet gate can be an extremely useful resource for keeping your pet out of trouble inside the house. Carlson Super Wide Extra Tall Maxi Pet Gate
Photo provided by FlickrCarlson Pet Extra Tall Wood Free-standing Pet Gate
Photo provided by FlickrCarlson Extra-tall Walk Through Pet Gate
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The Extra tall dog gates are perfect for large breed dogs, and the tall cat gates prevent your curious cats from getting into trouble. Our tall gates provide a great way to keep your pets contained regardless of their size. Extra-Tall Petgate Passage can be pressure mounted easily between rooms, doorways and other spaces. The color of this heavy-duty steel gate is a beautiful matte bronze; it’s sure to complement any home décor and will stand the test of time. This pet gate has an exclusive small door (9.5” x 8”) which swings freely allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as they please. Want to contain your pet – no problem. The small door also locks for containment with the Grip-n-Twist™ latch offering you peace of mind. Perfect for households with puppies or multiple pets.Dreambaby is one of the more popular brands. They make baby gates and/or if your looking for a tall pet gate with various kinds of features according to customers needs. This extra tall baby gate is one of the top gates for pets who can really jump or babies who are little taller than others. This is a pressure mounted gate.Easy to use - extend tension knobs until gate fits tightly
Pet door (9.5" x 8") swings freely or Grip-n-Twist Latch locks for containment
Extra-wide 21" door opening allows for easy pass through
Swing gate in one or both directions with swing-stop feature
Steel construction in a matte bronze finish will complement any home décor
Two extensions are included
Please note: "When you unpack this gate you will notice that it is not square. This is normal and the gate is not damaged. It is manufactured at a pre-set angle so when it is installed properly in the opening, it will maintain the correct amount of tension and prevent it from being pushed out of the opening under normal use. Please read and follow the instruction manual carefully."