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Grooming your pet pig is very important. Here is some great advice on how to groom a pet pig.
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The new Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool quickly removes all loose and unwanted hair from a pet, while vacuuming it up at the same time-- keeping a home shed-free! It also captures allergens (pet dander) to prevent them from spreading throughout a home, creating a healthier home and helping those with allergies.
Some pet grooming salons also offer “do it yourself” bathing tubs for a minimal fee.
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Groom-A-Pet Ionic Pet Brush steady stream of ionized air eliminates pet odors as you groom. Much higher ion putput compared to similar products- Ion output 85,000 units/second. Your pet will enjoy being groomed with the comfort bristles. while you're removing mats and tangles, the ionic brush is neutralizing odors, making it ideal for keeping your pet smelling fresh between baths. It's like a bath without the water! . Features: Clean up is easy- simply press to release and push up On/Off switch Uses 1. 3V lithium battery- included Brush plate detaches, allowing you to rinse safely under water Includes:1 x Groom A Pet Ionic Pet Brush 1. 3V Lithium Battery Regular grooming is good for your pet's coat, skin, and bond with you.
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Marcy's Groom A Pet offers a variety of services for pets including grooming, dematting, special baths, nail trimming and hand scissor finishing. Marcy's sells gifts, pet treats, toys, leashes, collars and a range of grooming accessories. Marcy's Groom A Pet has offered professional grooming since 1972 and has become widely popular among Birmingham pet owners.Cool Top Rated Products for any Pet Rat Owner:
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So rats are known to be very clean animals. This often is something that people have a misconception about, but they generally take good care of themselves. They spend a large amount of the time grooming themselves, cleaning their faces, cleaning their paws, and overall keeping their skin and coat in excellent condition. They don't require trips to the groomer if you were concerned about that, but there is some basic maintenance they may need.

Most often people will need to trim their nails if their nails become very sharp. If they have a pet rat that's very social, that likes to climb on them, that enjoys being held, especially if it's one of the types of rats that loves to sit on the shoulder or loves to be around and climb on people, you may find that their nails become sharp and it becomes important sometimes to trim them. What's important to realize is that they don't have very long nails. So the ability to trim them often means cutting off the tiniest little tip of the nail or it requires filing them or using a dremel type tool with a burring tip to just take the points off. Most commonly if I have a rat in the hospital and it needs its nails trimmed, basically we'll use a low speed dremel, and we'll just touch it to the nail so that we can just take the tips off of the nails. If somebody is going to try to cut the rat's nails they're going to have to use a very sharp, very small nail trimmer and a human nail trimmer works fine including the type made for infants or toddlers, works fine to just take the very tip of the nail off.

They don't need a lot of other routine grooming. Some people will attempt to brush their pet rats. They may or may not tolerate brushing but at least it's a means of collecting some of their hair and on rare occasions, people will bathe their rats. In general, rats may or may not like being in a bath or being in the water. Some of them take to it very well and enjoy it. Others don't like to be in the bath and don't like the whole sensation of being lathered and wet and rinsed. So it's not vitally important unless it's medically necessary or unless they become excessively dirty for some reason, that they are going to need routine bathing or any other type of routing grooming. Some of the breeds of rats may need occasional bath just if, like I said, they become particularly soiled for some reason, there's an accident in their cage or something happens and that becomes necessary. But otherwise, routine grooming in pet rats generally involves keeping their nails trimmed as needed and making sure they are taking care of themselves as well.Frequent and thorough Pet Grooming not only keeps your dog healthy and happy, but it helps to identify potential health risks so you may have them treated before serious problems develop. Regular Grooming is also the best way to prevent prevent yeast infections and skin irritations than can be caused by excessive matting, ear infections that can be caused by the buildup of wax or excessive hair around or inside the ear canal, periodontal disease from uncared for teeth and ingrown nails or sore pads that can be caused by overly long toe nails.Dog grooming can be a very daunting task. Read the full written instructions here:

It's intimidating to many dog owners, but if you learn how to groom a dog properly you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each year. It's not as difficult as you think, and the price of the right at-home grooming supplies will be much lower than the price of professional dog grooming costs.

"This guide is just meant to be a general overview of the many grooming tasks that a pet parent will need to perform (or hire someone to perform). I've made detailed video guides on each specific task. If you know everything you need to know about brushing your dog, you can skip that one and focus on learning about the tasks you're less confident about."

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