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are the plush toys that open up to go on amazing adventures with you. They’re soft to the touch and love you so much. When playtime is over, HideAway Pets curl up to hide away until you’re ready to play again.
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Children grow up so rapidly, they go in and out of different stages very quickly. This is one of the main reasons that children tend to play with most of their toys for a short time and then simply lose interest in them. The sad truth is that the majority of toys we buy for our kids get quickly relegated to the discard pile as the child goes into a different stage. However, this is not true when you buy HideAway Pets for your children. These lovable stuffed animals fulfill the needs of a growing child no matter how rapidly they move into different stages of childhood. Toddlers may hug, sleep, and roll around with their HideAway pet. As they get older, their HideAway Pet becomes a confident. They can whisper their secrets into the big ears of their Lop Eared Bunny or their ever attentive Siberian Husky. The gentle Persian Kitty is always ready and waiting to listen. As children develop a more active imagination, they may inlist their HideAway Pets into their role playing games. As they get more physically active, they can even use their HideAway Pets as a fun house safe ball when the animal is all rolled up and snapped shut! hideaway pets - More, Toys | Bed Bath & Beyond
Photo provided by FlickrJul 21, 2014 - HideAway Pets are adorable plush toys that have taken the nation by storm
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A common question is, “Are Hideaway Pets in Stores?” The answer is yes. They are readily available at retailers such as Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, and Walmart for about $20. Not all of the designs are currently available in stores, but the product’s Facebook page admins have said that more designs will be available in the Fall of 2014.According to most HideAway Pet reviews, these plush animals are one of the most beloved and versatile toys to come along in a very long time. This reviewer wholeheartedly concurs! If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift or reward for your child, or other favorite kid(s), you simple can't go wrong if you buy HideAway Pets! Grandparents, here's your chance to be Grandma Of the Year or Grandpa Of the Year! Do you want to be your niece or nephew's favorite Aunt or Uncle? HideAway Pets is a sure fire way to win them over fast. The best thing about this gift is you can't go wrong with buying a toy that isn't age appropriate because they are suitable for any age -- even adults it seems! A HideAway Pet might even make a nice gift for your significant other.Until recently, you could only buy HideAway Pets online. However, starting this summer in 2014, out luck has changed and you can buy HideAway Pets in many popular retail stores across the country. These include WalMart, Toys R Us, RiteAid, and Kmart. You can also buy these adorable plush creatures online at trusted shopping websites like Amazon.Hideaway Pets Best Toys Commercials for Kids 2017 [Mr Hrush]. Help Us Like & Share This Video. Don't forget to Subscribe & comment below. Thanks!Hideaway Pets

15" Hideaway Pets (Persian Kitten). Open Up to Play. Curl Up and Hide Them Away! Four styles - collect them all!

Jay At Play 15 Hideaway Pets (Persian Kitten)

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