With Boundary Plus containment fencing, your pet stays home.

your pet is safe at homeTM using Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment products.
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If you’re looking for a wireless dog fence, but need to adjust your boundary, you may think you’re out of luck. Not so. With the AsyPets wireless, invisible dog fence, you can create an adjustable containment boundary; you can even set the shape, unlike most wireless systems. The system employs multiple correction levels, which increase in stimulus as your dog approaches the outer limit.
Wired vs. Wireless Invisible Pet Fences a look at the pros and cons of each containment type.
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If you’re after a simple, affordable wireless dog fence, give Petpopo a try: reliable and easy to install, this invisible fence combines a wireless receiver and rechargeable collars to create a safe containment zone for your four-pawed family members. If they venture too close, they’ll hear a warning sign; a humane static correction is then issued, if necessary. Sit Boo-Boo Secure-Pet Invisible Wireless Fence and Containment System.
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Photo provided by FlickrInvisible Fence – PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System (View on Amazon) – A wireless invisible fence that covers an area up to 1/2 acre for $219.99.
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Other electronic containment collars trigger at different distances depending upon which was your dog is facing. This is sometimes confusing to the dog and may require additional training. Only High Tech Pet electronic fence collars are driven by two separate radio receivers to precisely determine your dog's distance from the boundary wire. Our "Smart Position Sensing" radio technology maintains a consistent field width regardless of your pet's orientation. This is less confusing to your dog. Your pet will quickly learn exactly where the invisible boundary is. This results in easier training and more reliable dog containment. Smart Position Sensing is only available on High Tech Pet electronic dog fences.Conveniently located in Milford, (An Eastern Suburb to Cincinnati), our family can easily access all parts of the Greater Cincinnati Tri State Area to install your next invisible, underground dog fence. In addition to being a full service, IN - HOUSE dog and pet containment installation company, we also provide all the pet collars, accessories; including batteries, and all training material to get you well on your way!The Frisby Family is a strong advocate to animal safety. We encourage everyone to have their pets micro chipped and contained either inside the house, or by a well built, sturdy, & high enough fence or containment system. We also want your best friend to have fun too! This is what inspired us to open our Invisible Dog Fence Company of Cincinnati, Ohio!Fences are expensive and make your yard less attractive. Instead, you need a pet containment system. A pet containment system creates an invisible barrier that your dog learns not to pass.High Tech Pet electronic fences stand apart from all other brands. Those other brands include fences made by Invisible Fence Inc., a subsidiary of Radio Systems Corporation of Knoxville, TN who also owns the Petsafe brand. There are several other electronic dog fence companies that sell pet containment systems for paid installation including Dog Watch Hidden Fence and Pet Stop. There are also several brands of DIY electronic dog fences such as Petsafe, Innotek (also owned by Radio Systems Corp), Dogtek, Perimeter and Haveahart. These dog fences span a wide range of cost, reliability and features. Some claim to work better on little dogs, some for big and large dogs, some for stubborn dogs but, all these brands use the same basic technology. There is one system, however, that uses a substantially different approach. This is the line of electronic dog fences made by our company, High Tech Pet, which we market under the Humane Contain, Bluefang and High Tech Pet brands. Like the others, we use a low frequency radio signal transmitted through boundary wire that triggers corrective stimulus at your dog's collar. But, that's where the similarity ends because only High Tech Pet electronic dog fences give you the following features.Hidden Boundaries, LLC. and Grand Rapids Dog Fence provides direct manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand electronic fence
products and is not affiliated with any pet containment manufacturer other than Pet Stop®.
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