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Do you have any lists of pet food that is made from animals raised ethically and humanely?
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heidithorne- I don't think keeping pets is inhumane and danger is relative. Here I listed the 'most dangerous' exotic pets but none have extensive history of causing human death. Pythons are common in captivity and are rarely a problem, they have very predictable behavior and are generally docile. The croc monitors I listed are an example of a reptile that is NOT docile but they don't kill people. As long as you know what you're doing, gator handling is not a serious threat. Reptiles are different from mammals in their extreme predictability and limited range of motion (you can restrain an alligator but not a lion). I don't think anyone is trying to 'domesticate' these animals but they can be tamed. Some reprehensible people release animals outside where they are exposed to danger (this frequently occurs with cats) but I've yet to hear of an escaped exotic pet preying on a person.
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Unlike dogs (but like domestic cats), exotic animals retain their wild nature. Even if they are bred for the pet trade and raised by humans, they may be unpredictable, relatively resistant to training; in some cases, especially as full-grown adults, they can be dangerous. Injuries to humans may be relatively common, but reported yearly deaths due to exotic pet ownership are rare. Statistics compiled by an advocacy organization indicate a yearly average of less than 3.5 fatalities per year in the United States; and another lists 87 exotic animal incidents resulting in human death from Jun 20, 1990 to Apr 15, 2016. List of the best pets for kids, ranked by former kids, parents, and animal lovers
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What are some fictional pets? Take a look at this list of fictional animals, some famous, some not. But what is the same is that they're greatest of all time.This list of the best pets for children includes pet reptiles that require basic feeding, as well as small mammal pets that might allow kids to play with them and even cuddle. Vote up those animals you think make the best pets for families with children to move them to the top of the list. If you believe a kid can handle a dog, great! Vote it up - and also check out this list of the best dog breeds for kids. If you don't think children should have even the best exotic pets, vote them down. This list includes the best pets for young children and small children as well as good pets for older children. What do you think are the best low maintenance pets for kids? Use this best pets for kids list to decide if your child is ready to care of an animal!Don't listen to the other comments please. I have owned arctic foxes and they are quite the best thing ever! They are domesticated and I of course own many acres of land on my farm and my arctic fox is very nice and you just need to train them well and be experienced. I use mine for breeding and educational animal, but they can be good pets if you care for them properly.Following are lists of the wild animals you can find. As with other , the values of minor pets can range higher or lower than what I have stated. They obviously have a range but this information is enough to display their relative values. U.S. presidents and their families have typically liked animals. Creatures from mice to bears have made a home at the White House and its grounds. The following list of presidential pets is not complete, however, as no doubt many a presidential cat or cow passed through without much public notice.The answer might surprise you. Not only do some animals display a great capacity to look after and bond with a member of another species, they also appear to form these bonds for no reason other than companionship. To prove it, here's our list of animals with pets of their own.