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These small lizards fit in your hand, even when fully grown, and are one of the lizard pets for beginners. They make because of their gentle demeanor, ease of care, and the availability of a multitude of interesting colors and patterns.
Not all types of lizards make good pets, and some are especially challenging. So I've listed three types of pet lizards that are good for beginners.
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These make great pets for beginners. They’re naturally nocturnal, so they don’t need UV rays or simulated sunlight to survive, unlike many other lizards. They’re big enough to be interesting (8-10 inches full grown), while still not being huge. These are hardy lizards, and with the right care can easily live 15-20 years. These small lizards fit in your hand, even when fully grown, and are one of the most popular lizard pets for beginners
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So which ones are which? Which lizards make good pets for beginners, and which lizards are more challenging to keep? Well, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But here's my list -- and it's a list based on 25 years of reptile experience.Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) make for great beginner pet lizards for hobbyists of all ages. Crepuscular in nature, they are the most active during twilight around dusk and dawn. Due to their gentle and docile temperament, leopard geckos are one of the best reptile pets for handling. They are usually skittish when they are young, but they become much more docile and calm as they get older.As we have discussed, there are a lot of lizard species in the world, and many of them have found their way into the pet trade. But not all types of lizards make good pets, and some can be especially challenging for beginners. So I've listed three types of pet lizards that are both entertaining and manageable for the amateur lizard keeper. Many people ask us what the best pet reptiles are for beginners and we generally recommend animals that are simple to care for, non-aggressive, and visually appealing. Lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises can make very rewarding pets, even though they’re not furry or cuddly like a typical cat or dog. They’re also surprisingly intelligent.The quality of a lizard as an excellent pet depends on certain factors that relate to their personality, ability to handle, size, availability and the ease of caring. In case this is the first lizard you want to select as a pet, or even if is to add to your lizard family, you would do well to learn beforehand which is the right or wrong species for you.
Worldwide, we find an extensive variety of lizards and a good many have entered the pet trade. Even then, not many lizards are good pets. For a beginner some of them are particularly challenging. Here are some of the three best pet lizards that you can not only manage easily, but will also entertain a recreational lizard keeper. Green iguanas are by far the most common reptile pet on the market. This is unfortunate as this species is not suitable for the beginner for several reasons. Iguanas are large lizards, adults can easily exceed 5 feet. Iguanas require very large enclosures to fare well, and most homes cannot provide for this necessity. There is no aquarium on the commercial market that is large enough to house an adult iguana. Although some iguanas can become tame, many never do, and some animals may even be aggressive, especially males. Iguanas have specific dietary and environmental requirements in captivity that cannot be met by children of any age, so they do not make good children's pets. This species is one of the cheapest on the market today, do not let this fool you, iguanas are difficult, demanding, and expensive captives.