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Since 1999, we have been a neighborhood, independent store offering high-quality, natural products for dogs and cats. We carry a full range of natural pet foods, healthy treats, holistic supplements, and natural grooming products.
In Store Natural Pet Foods
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In 1998, Brad Kriser was introduced to all natural pet food by a cousin in Boulder, CO. He soon saw the difference it made in his own pets, making them happier and healthier. So Brad decided to open a store dedicated to providing the best in natural pet food, treats, and supplies. In Store Natural Pet Foods
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We are the new generationof pet health foodstores, dedicated to providing all the resources & supplies petparents need toimprove their cats' and dogs' lives. The starting point for quality oflife is good nutrition. We empower our pet parents to feed their petsnaturally, allowing you both to enjoy all the benefits of healthierliving. To prepare for the day I opened my first store I worked in the natural dog and cat food and pet supplies industry for twenty years. I gained priceless pet nutrition knowledge while I working for various natural and holistic pet food manufacturers.Natural Pet Food and Supplies is a quaint pet store located in the heart of Temecula in a shopping plaza south of Winchester Road. It is a perfect fit for this neighborhood with an abundance of pet lovers.The companies listed on this page are just some of the pet food brands we carry. We also sell top quality dry, canned and grain free foods. In addition, we carry many natural treats, raw and smoked meaty bones. Most of our treats are dried or smoked meats. We do not have any food or treats in our store that have corn, soy or wheat in their ingredients. Also, we do not carry any items that are tested on animals. Lastly, we carry high quality supplements such as fish oil, enzymes, probiotics, glucosamine, colostrum and other supplements to help enhance your pets' health. If you would like us to order a particular item, just ask, we will try to get it for you. Natural Pet Market is well-known for our sound nutritional advice offered by our staff in store, and now we can personalize canine and feline nutritional counseling for your pets on a more detailed level. Many health issues can be helped with a species appropriate nutritional program. Food and often times supplements work with the animal's own body to create a healthier state. Along the same lines, species UNappropriate foods can cause chronic inflammation that can lead to issues such as arthritis, allergies, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancers. Go to our for more info.In addition to offering a superior level of customer service — all of the employees receive extensive training in the store’s pet food, products and animal nutrition — Costello said EarthWise’s all-natural focus is what sets it apart from other pet stores.EarthWise Pet Supply, a leading supplier of all-natural pet food and products, is now open in Jacksonville Beach, offering pet lovers a wide range of all-natural, high-quality pet food, products and services. Located in the South Beach Regional Shopping Center (between Stein Mart & Big Fish Yoga), the Jacksonville Beach location is the first EarthWise store to open in Northeast Florida. Currently, there are more than 30 EarthWise locations across the country, including four other stores in Florida: Gainesville, Valrico, Naples and Tallahassee.Nourish Pet Care is the premier pet store in Houston. Our commitment is to provide natural foods, treats & supplements for both dogs & cats in all areas of Houston Texas. We offer many organic & holistic product diets including kibble, can and complete raw diets, with a full line of holistic supplements. Nourish Pet Care is passionate about the health and well being of your dogs and cats. Feeding an optimal diet to our animal companions directly correlates to overall better health, reducing many common health issues. We have witnessed first-hand the power of feeding the right natural pet food and how it can, not only reverse various ailments, but also prevent them.