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About Nutrience
Nutrience, a Canadian brand of pet food and registered trademark of Rolf C. Hagen, Inc., was created in 1988. Nutrience food is available as dry or wet formulas in four product lines: Nutrience Original, Nutrience Natural, Nutrience Grain Free, and Nutrience Subzero. Nutrience also includes treats for dogs and cats. The products contain no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and are made with North American ingredients.
We are happy to help the SPCA de Val-d'Or by donating #Nutrience pet food!
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I love the idea of giving Kallie the health and wellness benefits of raw food without the mess of having to prepare it myself, so we took a trip down to our local PetSmart® store to pick up a bag of Nutrience Subzero for her. Despite some distractions along the way, like the large window to the grooming studio at the front of the store and an adorable five-month-old poodle puppy roaming the aisles, we eventually found our way to the huge Nutrience Subzero display in the dog food section. It was easy to find and had all three flavours to pick from: Canadian Pacific, Fraser Valley, and Prairie Red. Victor in the Nutrience SubZERO pet food display at PetSmart asking, “What am I doing here?”
Photo provided by FlickrWe are happy to help the SPCA de Val-d'Or by donating #Nutrience pet food!
Photo provided by FlickrThe Nutrience Pet Food Lifestyle is one of activity, health and wellness.
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Every time I head to the grocery store, I talk to people in the pet food aisle as I hand them a $5 off Nutrience coupon. I let people know about the safe & natural ingredients used in the food, and then let them know what my experience has been with it in feeding it to my cat, Belle. I then let people know exactly what stored it can be purchased at in our city :) Everyone loves a coupon!!!I talked to a few students in my class, they had a picky eater so I recommended the naturals nutrience food since my dog is a picky eater but absolutely loves this food. She will be grabbing it next time she is at petsmart.I was chatting with my sister in law about Gracie and how she was adjusting to the new house, after telling her how well she's handling the move and how well in general she's been ding, the conversation naturally led towards her food. I told my SIL about Nutrience and how I had received samples for Gracie to try and the changes I had noticed in her appetite, consumption and subsequently her backend deliveries. My sister-in-law only has cats, but seemed interested in trying the food, especially if it means fewer hairballs. I gave her a coupon. It'll be interesting to see someone's opinion on the cat food.Wow My Albino Boxer/bulldog Really Loves this food... I have to say I used to think .. it was all crap in this food until I read the ingredient list, I never even took the time to read what was in the ingredients before, because I guess I was stuck on the brand suggested since my dog has so many allergies and skin troubles. Most of the time we have the skin irritations under control... but he will still get random sores or welts that look bad (my poor baby). This food sound so good, it would be fit for a king pets and the smell you can tell it is full of fish for sure , the main ingredients are amazing and I am So glad I am a Bzz Agent so I was able to be informed on how great this food really is for our pets , Thank you both bzz central and nutrience for helping me see that there is a better choice for my pets , and He to say the least Loves the taste , every time i pick up the sample and take it in this computer room he starts drooling all over again , and he was just fed . Dog is happy and So am I , he is now getting what I Feel is a Great quality food for him now . I Love that you use quality meat and fish proteins , regional fruits and veggies , and that it is packed with nutrient rich botanicals , essential healthy fats , low glycemic carbohydrates, and great nutritional supplements ,My fur babies couldn't keep their paws off Nutrience Natural & Grain Free foods. As a pet parent I'm always trying to find the healthiest food with minimal additives(corn, soy, ect.) and I'm positive I've just found it! When I read the ingredients on the bag I was amazed. I've never been as pleased with a pet food, if you haven't already made the switch you need to ASAP. Feed your pets the healthy option!Nutrience is a North American pet food brand which is known for it's quality food. It contains no cheap fillers or by-products. Everything is real food, with added nutrient supplements so your cat can have a long and healthy life. Nutrience contains a variety of meat sources including chicken and fish, and also regional fruits and vegetables for the best balanced and complete diet possible. It's a large family owned corporation brand and well trusted among cat owners. Variety available.