Why are people switching to online ordering and pet food delivery?

Aug 31, 2016 - VRCC now offers convenient on-line food ordering for your pet's prescription diets
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Saving money buying bulk dog food is easy at Dollar General. Everyone wants to treat their pets well and we give you the ability to either visit a local store or order discount dog food online. When running low, a quick local stop will help you restock your bulk pet food supply right away, while ordering online is another option. Moving large bags of food can be a real hassle, so ordering online can be a quick easy and cost effective option when trying to save money. Let Dollar General do the work for you by delivering your next shipment of bulk dog food. You’ll be glad you did!
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Statistics are indicating that 33% of pet parents are buying at least some pet products online. Regarding pet food, statistics show that 12% of dog owners and 12% of cat owners are having their pet’s food delivered to their how on a regular basis. That means that they are ordering online with their credit card on a recurring basis to have food delivered to their home. Target™ - Online Pet Food Ordering - Orders Over $35 Ship Free‎
Photo provided by FlickrFind Online Pet Food Ordering Today. Shop Online Pet Food Ordering at Target™.
Photo provided by FlickrOrder the pet supplies & foods you need, conveniently, online. PetFoodDirect has more than just pet food, check out our pet accessories & other products too!
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Pet Wants: the only pet food and supply store designed and dedicated to the urban pet owner. Our high quality, nutritionally complete and balanced line of pet food is made right here in Ohio. Our pet food is made to order once a month and is guaranteed fresh. Pet Wants: is unique, earth friendly and convenient. We offer all of our pet food by the pound. Buy only what you need, when you need it. And leave your car parked. Our free delivery service combines multiple orders on one trip around the area. In addition all of our formulas are nutritionally complete and balanced and gluten free. For we have Chicken and Brown Rice, Lamb and Brown Rice, Salmon and Brown Rice, Whitefish/Duck Grain Free, Chicken/Turkey Grain Free, Less Active/Senior, and a Puppy formula. For cats, we offer Adult Cat, Lean Cat and a Kitten formula.

Pet Wants: pet food never uses animal by-products, (guts, eyes, beaks etc.) and is all-natural. Does your dog scratch a lot? Excessive licking of its' paws? Hot spots? Chances are your pet might have an allergy. The most common forms of pet food allergies are related to CORN, WHEAT or SOY. Pet Wants never uses corn, wheat or soy in any of our formulas! Plus we can assure our customers that none of the products manufactured by our Ohio supplier were affected by any recent pet food recall concern. Who buys grain from China anyway?Most online pet food suppliers ship very promptly. Whenordering dog food online, you'll usuallyreceive your items at your doorstep within a couple of days. Every online pet store and many online grocery stores sells dog food. To find the best deal on my pricey organic food brand, I had to do some comparison-shopping. I’ve ordered the same dog food from three major pet sites over the past few months. Every shipment arrived on time and the food was good quality, but the prices varied quite a bit.VRCC will be slowly transitioning into carrying only the smaller bags of pet food. As soon as the larger bags are sold, we will no longer be restocking them. Small bags vary in size from 6 – 8.8 pounds each depending of the formula that fits your pets’ needs. Please take note of the size of the bag when ordering.