audioBoom / what's involved in cleaning the oz pet kitty litter tray?

what's involved in cleaning the oz pet kitty litter tray
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Since reading the back of the packet of Oz Pet, I've discovered that it does also expand when wet. I'm very reluctant to continue using it incase of ingestion. The pet shop said it's what they use. I'm still not comfortable with using it since the apparent compaction/ingestion problems that other members have had. Oz Pet has been recommended to use in a kitty litter tray, also in stables for horses. I've kept horses and I wouldn't use it because I've used straw for stables and I've been happy with that. Stables have to been cleaned out every day.
Oz pet sieve litter trays
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I just wanted some suggestions of how to do this... At the moment i've got their old litter tray with the crystal litter in it and the oz pet tray right next to it. Should i sprinkle some of the crystal litter on top of the new one?? Litter tray (recommend Oz-pet litter tray).
Photo provided by FlickrThey're both uncovered- I use the Oz Pets litter and litter tray system
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In previous threads, I remember Cloe telling everyone about Oz Pet litter and litter trays. Its the wood pellet type litter with the sifting tray which separates clean from dirty litter.