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My parakeets are from regular chain pet stores, and my quaker is from a specialty bird pet store.
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Ask to see if you can handle the bird. Does it step up? Does it want to bite? What do the clerks in the store think of the birds? Do they interact with them at all? Is the pet bird weaned? In California it is against the law to sell unweaned parrots.
Police are searching for a woman who was caught on video walking out of a North Dallas pet store with a $1,700 parrot on her shoulder.
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Chris Brauer, general manager of Petland, said the culprit is a woman who regularly visits the store to look at the birds. She walked in around 7 p.m., he said, and then walked out with the bright red parrot when the clerk's back was turned. part of me REALLY wants to buy one at that pet store, the other part of me really wants to find a good breeder and buy from them.
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This is a fun video clip of Concetta DellaRocco Ferragamo working with her parrots, Lemoncello (Yellow Naped Amazon, Vino (baby Greed Wing Macaw), and Amoretto (2 year old "American" macaw [hybrid macaw] and a guest baby Camelot macaw, Camilita. A few years ago there was a fun commercial released about talking parrots at a pet store. Well... this is a real pet store with real talking parrots and their own voices. They did talk and sing a lot more when the cameras were off though - darn it. As we get them performing more openly, we will post updates. It is all good fun! This was filmed at Parrot Safari Toy Factory in Binghamton, NY.
ALL OF THE PARROTS ARE TALKING TO EACH OTHER AS WELL AS ME. THERE ARE PARROTS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CURTAIN TALKING TOO. I NEEDED MORE MICROPHONES FOR YOU TO HEAR ALL OF THE ANTICS THAT WERE TAKING PLACE HERE. LEMONCELLO SINGS EXACTLY LIKE ME, SO EVEN THOUGH IT MAY APPEAR THAT IT IS ME SINGING SOME OF THE TIMES IT IS HIM. I HELD MY MOUTH AS THOUGH I WAS SINGING SO THAT HE WOULD CONTINUE. AT TIMES YOU WILL HEAR BOTH OF US SINGING AT THE SAME TIME. THIS DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN!At a pet store a parrot may or may not get much interaction. Employees may not know enough about the bird or have experience dealing with parrots. Pet stores can also be an expensive place to buy a parrot with a sun conure costing around $600 versus $300 to $400 from a breeder.So you want to purchase a sun conure parrot and don’t know if you want to buy one at a pet store or from a breeder. Pet stores and breeders can produce both good and bad experiences when purchasing a parrot. How can you tell the difference before purchasing a parrot?However to be fair I have seen at a national chain pet store some employees that take time with the birds and are experienced with them. I have watched on occasion when a clerk calming takes the bird out and gives it a treat when it steps up, talks to the bird, and pets it. In these situations the clerks have told me that they enjoy teaching the birds, spending time with them, and socializing them. Unfortunately this type of parrot socialization and training is not uniform across all pet stores because of employee’s varying degrees of education and experience with birds.Once I was in a national chain pet store and I asked the clerk if I could handle a sun conure. They let me try. I asked because the bird seemed really scared, staying in the back of the cage, and since the clerk was doing some cleaning and changing the water; I thought I would ask. Well the bird definitely was frightened and had not been socialized at all. The clerk in the store even told me that no one handled the parrot at all. The bird wanted to bite me and did. I was concerned enough about the bird’s lack of socialization that I informed the corporate office of the national pet store chain.Located in the heart of beautiful Colorado Springs, The Perch is a one-of-a-kind pet store where you can enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee and shop for pet bird food and supplies in the company of beautiful (and adoptable!) parrots. All sales at The Perch benefit Metro Denver Parrot Rescue!