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Anti-anxiety medications, whether homeopathic or veterinarian-prescribed, can also positively impact your pet’s life and behavior. Quiet Moments is a supplement that contains natural plant extracts and vitamins to sooth the dog’s nervous system during stressful times. Another good, natural option is HomeoPet Anxiety, an oil that also contains herbal extracts to relieve stress. In extreme cases, a veterinarian may prescribe pet meds such as Clomicalm to ease fears.
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Separation anxiety and travel related anxiety are not linked, although it is possible for a dog who has separation anxiety to also be anxious in the car. I have found the natural amino acid L-theonine quite helpful for natural anxiety relief. Dose varies anywhere from 100-500 mg. Can be used as needed. I also like be serene from 1800petmeds. May need to do some behavior modification techniques with trainer or vet specialist in behavior to help with anxiety, as well as prescription meds like prozac or clomiprimine to name two. I personally find that homeopathic and/or holistic treatment tends to be safer in my experience but takes time and patience. To learn more about homeopathy, go to website as well as my website Many homeopathic vets offer phone consultations Acepromazine: Pet Anxiety Medication for Dogs & Cats - 1800PetMeds
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There are several pet meds to help reduce your dog's separation anxiety including over-the-counter products using natural pheromones or even prescription pet medications to help calm your dog's nerves.Hi Sarah…Traveling with cats can indeed be difficult. in addition to the l-theonine and Be serene product from 1800petmeds, I have also had some good results with a natural type of therapy called gemmotherapy for this as well. The gemmotherapy called Lime Tree can also be wonderfully helpful during anxious times. To learn more about Lime tree, my colleague and friend Stephen Blake has plenty of information on his website Also see my website