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A review on the Pets at Home Hamster nuggets.Protein - 17%Fat - 4.6%Fibre - 4%
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The most common variety is the Syrian hamster, which is also known as the Golden hamster (see Table: ). This name comes from the coloring of the animal in its original wild home. Today, pet owners can find Syrian hamsters in many color and coat varieties. Other varieties kept as pets include the Russian dwarf hamster, Chinese hamster, and the European hamster (which is uncommon in the United States).
We choose our new Syrian hamster from Pets at Home and set up her new cage.Music by Kevin Macleod
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It will depend on the pet store though. Some will keep them until they find a home, others may pass them to a sister-store in the area where they can try and sell them. I've heard that some get sent back to the breeder/mill and I have heard the horror stories of them being fed to snakes. I don't think it is as popular of an option with hamsters as it is with say mice or rats. I recently went to pets at home and bought some accessories for my hamster and their cage.
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From hamster races to pet adoptions, there’s ALWAYS something going on at B&B Pet Stop – Mobile’s favorite hometown pet store! Come in – we’re LOCAL!Treat your hamster to more than a boring cage and rattling wheel. This three-part habitat is sure to amuse your critter all day long, whether he’s in the tunnels, the tower or the wheel. The brightly colored living quarters will be right at home in your child’s bedroom. $39.44. #pets #holidays #hamsterSince they sleep during the day, they are active at night when most people are home. A hamster can be a wonderful family member and an excellent pet.You may not actually pay much thought to it prior to buying your pet, but you really do need to know how you are going to transport them home. A lot of pet stores put small animals like hamsters in a cardboard box for the journey. The problem with this is that hamsters love to chew, so you may just find you have an unwanted guest on the car dashboard if you don’t keep an eye on the box all the way home!

If you want to guard against any incidents it may be worth investing in a small pet carrier, as they are a lot more secure. Of course you can also use the carrier for any future visits to the vet as well, and for temporary housing for your hamster while you do the weekly cage clean.There are many plastic moulded hamster cages on the market today. These hamster homes are very easy to clean, and they offer protection to your little friend, if you have other pets in your home. Many of these cages have a small area of wire which can act as a climbing frame for your hamster. If you buy a cage that doesn’t have somewhere for you hamster to climb, you need to make sure that you provide a climbing frame in the cage for them so they are free to climb whenever they want to.Hi everyone! So I went to pets at home and bought some fun things for when I get a hamster :-)

Please note that if you are planning on getting a hamster you would need more supplies than what I am showing in this video.

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