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Before we go into details about where to get a pet rabbit from, fostering is a great alternative to buying or adopting a rabbit if you just want to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you. Fostering is also a good option for people who know they will be moving soon but would like a pet rabbit in the meantime. Most of the rabbits in foster programs will be happy and healthy, but rescues will occasionally have buns that will need a personal gentle touch to socialize them before up for general adoption. As a foster home, you will be helping with severe overcrowding at local animal shelters and giving the rabbits another chance at a good home.
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Rabbits are a wonderful pet for families, adults and children. They have a very calming influence on families. They're a very sweet and very affectionate little animal. When they're happy, they're very expressive. They will run across the room and leap up in the air and twist around. That's called a little binky, so if your rabbit does a binky, then you know it's really having a grand time. They are a low maintenance pet in that they need, of course, a cage and hay and vegetables and rabbit pellets and fresh water and a few other items, but they're not ones that you need to take outside when you really don't feel like going outside in inclement or snowy or cold weather to walk them because they can be litter box trained. Rabbits may live up to ten years of age dependent upon the breed, so it's a significant commitment and responsibility to adopt or purchase a rabbit. If you're buying one for your children and if they lose interest you want to make sure the family understands you still have a commitment to that little bunny which may last quite a few years. And of course not all bunnies like to be picked up. They are prey animals and when something leans over 'em and then picks 'em up that can be a little scary for 'em. And it's always best to adopt or purchase from a breeder. A bunny that has been handled, fed, and socialized and handled from birth, so that you have a calm and docile and nicely tempered animal brought into your home. Litter training your pet rabbit takes patience and persistence. But in the end, you’ll have a wonderful companion to share your home with.
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At My House Rabbit, we advocate that pet rabbits live inside your home as opposed to outside in a hutch. Not only will you ensure your bunny is protected from severe weather and predators, your bunny will become more of a member of your family when living inside with you because there tends to be more social interaction that way.With shelters and rescues overflowing with homeless pet rabbits, we advocate that bunny owners spay and neuter their pets so they do not breed. However, in the case that you are caring for a pregnant rabbit or new mother, here are a few basic tips. Furthermore, because a lot of rescued rabbits live in foster homes, many are accustomed to living in households with children and other pets. So if your household situation is similar, adopting a rabbit who is already comfortable in that environment makes the transition easier for both you and the rabbit.If you’ve done your research and feel confident you can properly care for a bunny, please adopt a rabbit from a rescue or shelter instead of purchasing one from a breeder or pet store. Shelters are overflowing with homeless bunnies of all shapes and sizes. See our article, , for more information.I am sorry to say that many people do not consider this, until it is too late and disaster strikes. In fact for many people, if they had done their homework prior to obtaining a pet rabbit, they might have decided that a rabbit was not the right pet for them. Having a pet bunny is not for everyone.Looking for a pet who is as interactive as a puppy but not as demanding? What about ? Rabbits make wonderful pets in the right situations. If you live in a small home, don’t have very young children, and don’t want to have to walk a pet but have time to play with it, you might want to consider a rabbit. Here are some great reasons bunnies are beneficial: