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Before resorting to booties, the vet offered these suggestions for pet dogs:
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After looking at the careful workmanship that went into the preceding products, the first glance at the Nylon Dog Boots made by Scott Pet Products, of Rockville, Indiana (and sold by Valley Vet Supply/Direct Pet Superstore), was a bit of a shock. This is partly because of the product’s simplistic design; the boot is nothing more than a Cordura nylon mitten with a Velcro strap. But the crude look of the product comes from a reversed seam on the upper part of the boot. Such a visible ragged edge and quadruple-sewn seam looks crude. Actually, it makes sense, from the standpoint of the dog whose foot and ankle end up inside that boot. The reversal of the seam also forms a unique pleat at the back of the boot that allows the excess material to fold rather than gather or bunch. It’s an unattractive but comfortable solution to the problem of a seam that could otherwise rub the dog’s leg.
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Use The Full Set
Many animals respond better when all four boots are on. Putting just one boot on an injured foot may feel awkward to the pet (like walking with one shoe on). Another good option to protect pet paws is booties
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Another good option to protect pet paws is booties. Try Ultra Paws® Durable and Traction Dog Boots. Easy to put on with Velcro straps and skid resistant soles, they will keep paws warm and dry. Remember to check that Velcro straps are not too tight; the boot should be snug so that they don’t slip off but not so tight it constricts the paw. Dogs tend to not to like wearing the boots, so acclimate them by putting them on your dog for short periods of time in the house first.Winter can be tough on your pet’s paws, but protecting their pads by using a balm or booties will go a long way to keeping their feet healthy! Come on in and let us help you select the right choice for your pet.It makes me smile that I was able to help somedog in need. Never laugh at a pet, they know far more than we an comprehend. We get -40 here and the boots came as a staple, she may be gone but will always remain as part of my winter.Many pet owners consider dog boots as both a practical and functional solution for paw protection in the same way a shoe or boot protects a human foot. It's not just about being stylish or fancy, even though lots of dog boots certainly look attractive. Alternatively, imagine yourself walking on that same area of terrain in the middle of December with the ground half frozen. Your feet could still fall victim to sharp objects, and they'd probably feel like within less than a block or so. The point is that you wouldn't exactly venture out into public in your bare feet for very long unless you were on the beach. Imagine your furry best friend having to do the same thing. If you plan on protecting your own feet with a nice pair of shoes or boots, why not do the same for your dog with a pair of pet booties?Although booties have become synonymous with over-attentive pet owners, they also provide a practical application when it comes to other activities like dog sledding or . In fact, dog booties are often required for these types of races and teams typically carry a total of eight booties per dog. One of the requirements of the dog sled race is that all racing dogs are equipped with booties for the rough racing trail. This would make sense considering that, like human shoes, booties wear out over time with heavy use, particularly after extended sled races. Today, some dog boots are even designed to be disposable.