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The  (NSF) found pet bowls to be the fourth most germ-filled place in the home.
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Most pets are messy eaters, so get a personalized placemat that makes cleanup easier! Place this large 18"x28" pet placemat underneath your pet's food and water bowls to catch splashes and stop spills from reaching the floor! And to show your pet just how special he is, the pet placement ...
Elevate the dining experience of a canine friend with our pet bowls stand.
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A study conducted by National Science Foundation International looked into the absolute grossest places in people’s homes and in the top five nastiest areas were pet’s food and water bowls. I ordered the small and medium size bowls, which fits my pets needs. Only one wish, replacement bowls would make this a 5 star product.
Photo provided by FlickrNo more rattling bowls or sliding stands! Enjoy blissful silence as your dog dines from Loving Pets' raised Silent Double Diner.
Photo provided by Flickr@Nancy Hi Nancy - yes you can use our Pet Bowls outdoors. The medium bowl holds about 22 ounces and the large about 36 ounces.
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PetRageous Designs’ pet bowls are designed to be functional, durable and attractive. Our stoneware pet bowls are made of the highest quality ceramic. Each is hand painted and oven-fired to resist fading and chipping. Our stainless steel dog bowl line offers a variety of metallic choices with embossed designs and non-slip rubber bottoms. Our designer plastic dog bowls are made of durable, light-weight plastic and feature non-slip rubber feet. All pet bowls are available in various shapes, sizes and styles.I have enjoyed the Kinn Kleanbowls. They are a clean and healthy choice for pet bowls. I have found the quality of the bowls to be very durable and sturdy.Modern pet bowl holders, wood dog bowl holder, contemporary pet, cat bowl holder, wooden rustic home decor, pet dish holder, pet feeder. Looking to get rid of your ugly and dull pet bowls? Dimensions: L: 24 inches W: 11 1/8 inches H: 7 1/2 inches This pet bowl holder is perfect for adding a modern touch to your home. This item features a contemporary wood base with four legs that are connected via a long wood support that rests flat on your floor. The wood base is coated in a stunning…The biofilm on your pet’s bowls could contain algae, bacteria and fungi that come from stuff your pet licks or eats while out walking or in the yard, in addition to his food, says , president of the . This isn’t limited to dog and cat dishes–biofilm can form on pet bowls for parrots, rodents, reptiles and any others who rely on a bowl, dish or bottle for food and water.We use 2 Kleanbowls in our house; one for food and one for water. I clean the frames 2x a week instead of washing bowls 2x a day. I love that this product makes having a clean, germ-free bowl for our pets so easy. Plus, both our dogs prefer the Kleanbowls to their old stainless steel bowls. It’s a win-win in our house!Wash food and water bowls in hot, soapy water, or your dishwasher on high heat for even better sterilization. Keep a set of food bowls handy, to help with rotating bowls and ensuring a clean dish for every pet, every day. This goes for as well, which can form biofilm rapidly between cleanings.