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Each airline has weight and size limits to the FAA approved pet carriers that come through their ticket counters. And if you plan on taking your pet into the airplane cabin with you, a reservation may need to be made. FAA approved pet carriers in the plane cabin must be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you. Many of these FAA approved pet carriers offered on Pet Frenzy can be toted easily through an airport. Some of these models can be wheeled from gate to gate or worn as backpacks through the terminal. Some of the other styles of FAA approved pet carriers include duffle bags or handbags. In most cases, you must be able to completely contain your pet inside the carrier with zippers. So many open top pet carriers will not do. Whatever your preferred mode of getting your pet from one place to another, you will not have to sacrifice style. All of the FAA approved pet carriers are designed to fit your personal taste. If you prefer simple and classy, sporty and fun, or sophisticated and chic, there is an FAA approved pet carrier on Pet Frenzy for you.
Unfortunately, airplane seats aren't very comfortable, and when you're confined to a pet carrier, the seats are even less comfortable
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Airline Guide for modifying a standard plastic pet carrier to be used for Airline Travel in the cargo area of an Airplane. by
Many pet carriers lack important safety feature now required by airlines to be considered airline worthy and compliant. This segment will walk you through some simple steps on how to modify these pet carriers.

Subjects covered:

How to drill extra ventilation holes for international pet airline travel requirements.

How to add Metal Hardware to kennel with plastic snap latches for added kennel security.

How to drill holes around airline kennel door to accommodate required hand releasable cable ties.

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Photo provided by FlickrAirline Approved Small Dog Carrier Bags for under airline seat. X small pet carriers approved for in cabin flights. Soft Sided airplane carriers are collapsible.
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Most airline approved pet carriers come with tags that are similar to luggage tags. Be sure to fill in your name, address and the phone number where you can be reached if for some reason your pet is misplaced or lost. To travel in the cabin, most airlines adhere to a maximum combined weight for your pet and the airline approved pet carrier, which is typically 20 pounds. Most airlines do charge a sizeable fee for traveling with your pet, whether your pet is traveling in the cargo or cabin portion of the airplane, so it is important to find out these charges prior to traveling. Airline Guide for preparing your pet and pet carrier for in-cabin airplane travel. by
How to travel or relocate with your pet cat or dog on airlines. Tips and tricks on what to pack and how to keep your pet comfortable and safe while traveling and during TSA inspection process.

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Tips and tricks to keep pet safe and comfortable while traveling include:
How to label your pets airline travel kennel with Live Animal Labels.
How to secure your pets kennel with replacement metal hardware and hand releasable cable ties.
How to add food water dishes to the kennel for easy access without opening the door.

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