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Another way to try to keep animals away from decorations — especially live Christmas trees that can irritate the mouths of pets who chew on them — is to use a mixture of lemon or orange extract and water in a spray bottle.
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Tinsel looks beautiful on any Christmas tree but unfortunately, is one of the most hazardous to your dog’s safety. According to petMD, even ingestion of just a few strands could cause an intestinal obstruction in your dog. These same issues could be seen from ingestion of any thin pipes or streamer decorations, so steer clear of these as well. Treat your pet this Christmas by hanging their very own decoration on the tree. Each pet decoration can be personalised with your pet's name.
Photo provided by FlickrA wonderful family of Personalised Pet Christmas Decorations. These cute cat and dog decorations are a fun addition to your tree.
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In addition to any glass, valuable or edible Christmas tree decorations, lights and electric ornaments should also be placed high out of your dog’s reach. If your dog gets ahold of any cord, he could easily shock himself and damage his mouth tissue, according to petMD.Yes, this decoration is kind of a Christmas staple. However dog and cat owners need to be aware of some things if they’re going to have a tree and a pet. Some dogs tend to jump up a lot and may jump into the tree, knocking it over, breaking precious ornaments, and possibly injuring themselves. Cats have been known to climb into Christmas trees, causing the same effects. It is best to keep your pet out of the room with the tree, unless supervised.The Furball Kitties delightfully discover it's Christmas time again.
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Here is the list. Special Thanks to Cat Fancy Magazine and Life With Cats Website. We compiled this list from them and added a few we knew of.
Cat Fancy - December 2011 - Volume 54 - Number 12
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Dangers of Christmas for Cats
Tinsel Garlands
Breakable Ornaments
Ornament Hooks
Christmas Lights
Electrical Chords
Ribbon and String
Christmas Tree Water
Deadly or Toxic Plants
Pine Needles
Holly Plants
Tree Flocking
Artificial Sweeteners
Yeast Dough
Chicken or Turkey Bones
Company can be stressful
A quiet room can be very nice

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Furball fables cats kitties cat kitty Christmas decorations cute Merlin Fairy Elfin Buddha yogi Merry Christmas Meowy ChristmasChristmas is one of the most enjoyable and joyous time of the year when you spend quality time with your family and friends including your pets as they are also an integral part of your family. But Christmas season can be a dangerous time for your pets as there are many Christmas decorations like Christmas wrapping, candy, light strands, ribbons and bows that can be very harmful to your pets. Hence it is very important that you be careful of these Christmas decorations around your pets so that your pet can join the holiday fun with you and you can avoid any trip to the veterinary emergency room. This is the best way of keeping your pet safe and healthy during this festive season so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest and you can have complete peace of mind.Looking for fun ways incorporate your pet into your holiday decorations this season? Thanks to Pinterest, we’ve compiled a list of cute, easy DIY ideas for a pet-themed Christmas!Christmas candy and chocolate are also very harmful and fatal for your pets as it contains that can cause nerve damage and in certain cases even death. You also need to throw away the candy wrappers so that your pets don’t get hold of it as it can cause choking. Lights strands used on Christmas trees can cause shock to your pets even chewed on and the pets can also sustain burns on their mouth and hence you need to be careful of these Christmas decorations around your pets.