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Waterproof, removable pet slipcover... for us softies who allow our pups up on the couch. :)
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• Style – There are different styles to choose from. Slip covers have come a long way through the years, and they are highly fashionable. Slip covers can give a very casual and comfortable feel to your home. You will want to go with a color that matches your other decor. You can choose to get a cover that fits the whole sofa, or you can get a sofa covers for pets that covers the sitting area, back and arm of the couch. Basically, this type of cover is designed to easily take off and clean. This will allow you to wash the sofa covers for pets regularly.
Twill Pet Furniture Cover (Loveseat size in Khaki) protect Jakie's leather couch!!
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####Furniture CoversThese thick furniture covers erect a barrier of 100% polyester microsuede fabric between household pets and precious upholstery, ensuring that chairs, loveseats, or couches continue to look pristine. The covers are designed to trap pet hair, dirt, and your deepest regrets, and they clean up easily with a stint in the washing machine. Here’ the video on how remove off pet hair from you home furniture, carpet or from your dogs bed, sofa, blanket and couch covers.
Photo provided by FlickrAbout: The  is a quilted polyester pet couch cover that will provide protection for your sofa’s seat, back and arms.
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Protect your furniture – couch or sofa - from pet hair or damage without the slippage: .

These pet covers protect upholstery and leather against fur, scratches, moisture, and other messes!

A cover will stay in place without bunching, sliding, or shifting, even under scrambling paws!: The Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover is easy to install and it covers a lot more of your couch than some lesser-quality covers. It also looks great and provides a comfortable surface for both you and your dog. Most owners report that it fits and performs better than most other models they tried. From spills, tears, and pets, couches get ruined so fast. But covering it with blankets and towels look ugly. You need Couch Coat™, the remarkable reversible quilted cover that protects and revives your couch. …washable covers will protect your favorite furniture from soil or damage, while giving you and your pets a cozy place to rest. All reverse to Camel. Polyester fleece with a waterproof bonded barrier. Imported."I had been looking desperately for a navy pet cover for my new navy couch that I…About: The is a very stylish choice for pet parents that want to protect their furniture, without ruining the aesthetics of their living room. It is designed for armless sofas or situations in which you do not want the arms of the couch covered.There are tabs on the bottom of the cover that can be tucked into the sides and seat of your furniture. This will prevent the cover from moving around while the couch is being sat on. There is no better way to protect your sofa from harmful spills and messes that your pets can make.More than just an animal, your pet is an important part of the family. And with our wide selection of pet couch covers, we've made it easy for you to share your home with your furry friend without worrying about your furniture. Choose from waterproof seat covers, bench seat covers, and reversible furniture protectors that fit sofas, loveseats, and chairs. Dogs love nothing more than going for a ride in the car, and now they can with pet car seat covers. Don't worry about muddy paws and shedding fur, cover your seats and embrace your pet.Protecting your couch and providing a comfortable space for your companion to rest, the Sofa Buddy Pet Bed Furniture Cover is the answer to damaged upholstery and undesired pet hair! This dog bed lets you keep the quality of your furniture while still being able to stay close to your companion.