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that we examined was the . The manufacturers claim that the micro velvet bedding material breathes, helping to provide your pet optimal comfort. concerning whether to choose a donut dog bed for your pet or not. He says that for animals that like to spread out when they sleep, and enjoy sleeping on their sides, as opposed to curling up and borrowing up against a bolster, a round donut dog that may not be the best selection for your pooch.
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One buyer commented that her 14-year-old beagle was afraid of the size of the bed at first, but afterward, she started sleeping in it with pleasure. Another customer says that her dogs love to cuddle in this ball pet bed. The reviewer also states that her dogs use the bed regularly, and it holds very well even though she washes it frequently. For her dogs, this is the best ball donut bed available. Scruffs Eco 100-Percent Recycled Pet Donut Bed 50%OFF
Photo provided by FlickrRed Dingo Pet Donut Bed, Medium, Chocolate 50%OFF
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Eat, play, love, and sleep. Four things pets love to do. Make your pet's sleeping (or lounging) time even better with the Bowsers Donut Dog Bed. The donut design is meant to make pets feel secure and comfortable as they snuggle into the soft oval ring. The inner cushion is tufted for even more padding (and to ensure the fiber fill doesn't clump or shift in the wash), and the entire bed is filled with high memory fiber that helps keep the bed's shape and make it resilient and comfortable. You can also remove the inner padding and use it as a crate or travel mat! Bowsers Donut Dog Bed is available in five different colors: Cappuccino Treats, Driftwood, Storm, Graphic Lattice, and Green Apple Bones. All colors are available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For size dimensions, see our Size & Color page. The Double Donut Dog Bed By Bowser has all of the benefits of the Bowser Donut Dog Bed with the added luxury of an upper bolster. Finished with piping to resemble a sofa, the Bowser Double Donut Dog Bed fits beautifully with your decor while pampering your pet. The removable cushion is filled with orthopedic foam and can be used in both the bed and a crate. Zippered openings make for easy machine washing and drying. Bowsers Donut Dog Bed was designed with your pets comfort in mind. The high memory fiberfill helps the bed keep its shape, and the cushion tufting helps keep the fiber in place when washed. Made from polyester fabric, this donut dog bed has a tipped Berber sleep surface and all-around bolster for additional comfort. Available in one color and three different sizes – small (4" x 24" x 27"), medium (4" x 33"x 36") and large (4" x 36" x 42") this round donut bed is suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs. It also can be easily washed in your washing machine, and it seems like a good choice if you are looking for a good-quality pet bed. If you are looking for a stylish, elegant-looking and comfortable pet bed, you might want to consider the Bowsers donut dog bed. Users love the plush look and that they can remove the cover. However, some do note that it’s too big to fit in a washer. This donut round bed has a microvelvet upholstery, a polyester cushion fill and a removable cover with a zipper. It’s available in five different sizes – x-small (22" x 16" x 6"), small (27" x 22"x 8"), medium (35" x 27"x 8"), large (42" x 32" x 9"), x-large (50" x 36" x 9") and xx-large (55" x 35" x 11"). The donut pet bed can be suitable for dogs up to 150 lbs, and it seems like a high-quality product.