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Ask your dog to ring the bells every time you take him out. With repetition, your dog will learn that he has to touch the bells with his nose to make you open the door. Eventually, when he wants to go outside, he’ll go to the door on his own and ring the bells. The first time this happens, praise him enthusiastically and immediately let him outside. Give him a few tasty treats after he does his business to make sure he understands that you love it when he rings his potty-break bells.
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Welcome to Poochie-Pets: Proud innovators of the original dog potty training doorbell: PoochieBells®. We now have grown to a complete family dog product line ... Discover the best Dog Doorbells in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon STRING(pet-supplies-store) Best Sellers.
Photo provided by FlickrDiscover the best Dog Doorbells in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon STRING(pet-supplies-store) Best Sellers.
Photo provided by FlickrDog Housetraining Doorbell to Train Dogs for Potty Training and for Housebreaking Your Pet Doggy, 6 Extra Loud Bells
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When your pet steps on the Pet Doorbell Mat, the chime tones to let you know your pet is ready to come in or go out. It's simple you do not have to train your pet. They simply step on the Pet Doorbell Mat and off it goes. Many pet stores sell dog doorbells (I have seen them at PetSmart) or you can make your own using a couple of sleigh bells from a crafts supply store. Attach some kind of sturdy string to the bells. (You’ll use the string later to hang the bells on a doorknob or on a hook next to your door.) Before starting your first training session, break a number of tasty treats into raisin-sized pieces. Use something your dog loves, like dog treats, or raw fruit or veggies. The Pet Door Bell Mats are weather-resistant; they can be used inside or out. Protect your pets from the harsh winter weather.We developed for our beloved Whippet, Pebble. Every time he wants to come in the house, instead of scratching the door or barking, he rings the doggy doorbell. "Ding-dong..." All our friends are delighted and amazed. Pebble would come in with his tail wagging proudly.

Our dog doorbell or pet chime is designed with dog training in mind. With the built-in treat holder (behind the yellow push plate), introducing the dog doorbell to your dog is easy and fun. Dogs can often start ringing this pet chime within minutes.

You can install the inside for your dog to use when he needs to go out or outside when he needs to come in. And two can work together inside and outside so that your dog can ring in whichever way he is going.

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As a professional dog trainer, I'm often asked by clients how to train a dog to stop repeatedly jumping against the door when they want to come inside. They are frustrated by ripped screens, muddy paw prints and scratches on the door. The is the perfect solution. It is simple to install, and dogs learn how to use it quickly through positive reinforcement. I love this product!
Lisa Walker, CPDT-KA, CBATI, Center for Canine Excellence, Freeport, ME

is a smart invention that gives the dog a fun and positive way to interact with the owner.
Julia Bowlin, Dog Trainer, Eugene’s Dog Whisperer

is so much easier to train with than other types of doorbells.
Julie Flanery, Nationally Certified Dog Trainer, Wonder Dogs

As one of the pricier pet doorbells on the market, this particular device is set at a retail price of $36.99 when purchased on Amazon. Because the installation process is entirely wireless and does not require contracted help, pet-owners will be able to save money by installing the system themselves.Most dog doorbells are just strings of metal bells that hang from your doorknob. All you have to do is train your pet to push on the bells with his noise. You'll hear them jingle and can come let Fido out to use the bathroom and prevent the scratching of your doors.