Preparing for flying squirrels as pets,

Dobby, the pet flying squirrel.
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There are 44 species of the exist in this world. Flying squirrel are one of the astounding types of squirrels, also recognized as Petauristini or Pteromyini. These squirrels are capable of flying. However, they do not fly like other birds or as do. Nevertheless, they have an ability of gliding on trees.
Risu my pet flying squirrel eating a pecan.
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Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus) and Virginia northern flying squirrel, these two subspecies are associated with high-elevation boreal habitats in the Southern Appalachians. The Carolina northern flying squirrel is in North Carolina (Yancey County, Haywood County, and in the vicinity of Mt. Mitchell) and Tennessee (Carter and Sevier Counties), while the Virginia northern flying squirrel is in Virginia and West Virginia.
It is possible that this subspecies may have been declining since the last ice age, when the climate slowly began warming and left the remaining suitable habitat limited to a few scattered areas at high elevations. The closest relative of the Carolina northern flying squirrel is Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus (Virginia northern flying squirrel), is known only from a few areas in Virginia and West Virginia.

Southern Flying Squirrels as Pets
You can buy Southern Flying Squirrel from a registered breeders farm or pet stores. Southern Flying Squirrel has been a popular pet for years and is the squirrel most commonly found available in the U.S. pet trade. Many U.S. states, counties, cities, towns, ect. have laws in place that make it illegal to capture, sell, or keep native wildlife, and other states, cities, towns, ect. require a special permit to do so. Know the rules and regulations of any federal, state or municipal law governing native or exotic wildlife in your area. Check with your your state Division of Fish and Wildlife, ways native wildlife is caught, kept or sold, especially in areas where they are native, it may be illegal to keep them as pets, or a permit may be required. You have to do it legally to avoid serious consequences. So stay out of trouble with the authorities and check all federal, state or municipal law governing wildlife as pets in your area. Southern Flying Squirrel pet, please buy a captive-bred baby
Photo provided by Flickrcommitment before deciding on a flying squirrel as a pet.
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If you have pet flying squirrels, be sure there is no deep water available such as a bucket, or sink full of water. Be sure to close the toilet lid or you may have a drowned squirrel.janda exotics, flying squirrel for sale, baby flying squirrel for sale, baby flying squirrel for sale in texas, flying squirrel breeder, flying squirrel breeder in texas, hand fed flying squirrel babies, exotic pet breeder, exotic pets, flying squirrels as pets,Scientifically proven to be the cutest squirrels in the world, Japanese dwarf flying squirrels are often thought to resemeble animé characters, such as Pikachu from "Pokemon." These little balls of fur can be found in Japan and Europe and fall under the catecorgy of "old world flying squirrels." Despite their cutestness, there is still much to learn about them. For example, how they raise their young and how long they live are largely unknown because they tend to inhabit remote evergreen forests. They're nocturnal, and though they don't hibernate, they can sleep for several days at a time. And now, some folks are domesticating Japanese dwarf flying squirrels as pets. Just imagine one of these little guys with their huge eyes gliding over your head! The cuteness is almost too much to handle, but we simply can't stop looking at these adorable furry little balls.A southern flying squirrelis quite small. Adults are usually 9 to 10 " long including the tail,and weigh between 4- 6oz.It's large eyes,loving nature, and gliding ability make it a popular pocket pet.
These gentle tiny squirrels are true “pocket pets”. Flying squirrels form a deep bond with their human owner and enjoy spending hours climbing around or sleeping in their owners clothing. Squirrels are nocturnal but will adjust slightly to their owners and spend time awake with them. A gliding membrane which extends from front leg to its back leg is stretched out and allows the squirrel to glide from perch top perch up to 150 feet!With that said if you keep flying squirrel as pet, then you will be required to take good care of it. By taking proper care of your pet, it can live up to fifteen years. Stay with your pet as long as you can, as it will develop strong bond with the animal.